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Online English Teachers for 1v4 Group Class in Need with Guaranteed Time Slots

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Teach Online
18~26 US Dollar/Hour
This position has already been filled and is no longer accepting applications.
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Job Highlights
18~26 US Dollar/Hour
3-12 years old Average
4 student(s)
  • English
  • Language
  • Bank Transfer
Working Hours
10~20 Hours
Job Description

We are providing this online ESL teaching job for well qualified teachers.

This online TEFL job will guarantee your time slots and incomes.

Job Overview for Online English Teacher:

Student age: Kindergarten & Elementary school level (4-12 years old)


Class Information & Schedule:

1. Class type: Group class with maximum of 4 students in one class

2. Class length: 45 minutes

3. Working hours: 17:00-20:30 Monday to Sunday (Beijing time)

Hot Teaching Hours:18:50-20:30 BJT(You can easily get full bookings if you open slots during this time period)

4. Required working time: at least 4 days fixed classes every week


Requirements for Applicants:

1. At least one year of English teaching experience

(online English teaching experience with young learners would be preferred)

2. Clear and accurate English pronunciation with neutral accent


Get to know us - First Leap

First Leap is a high-end children’s education brand belonging to Tomorrow Advancing Life Education Group (NYSE: TAL), a leading education group in China that focuses on providing language education and thinking training services for children aged 2 to 12.

We operate in 80 cities across China, with more than 100,000 students in over 200 language training centers. With AI education technology, we are committed to providing quality full-immersion English courses and driving both online and offline English language learning.



(CEFR) European Standard Benchmarking - the only authoritative learning standard for non-native English learners in the world



Classes are created by First Leap and assigned to teachers. As these are group classes parents do not have the option to choose a teacher. therefore, your working schedule has been guaranteed no waste and fully booked


First Leap has adapted the Oxford University Press series called ‘Starlight’ for online classes.


Step 1. Interview

Step 2. Training

Step 3. Hire and having regular classes


First Leap online interviews are assessed using similar criteria to other companies. This includes a short Q&A session followed by a demonstration of your teaching abilities in a mock class with the interviewer. In general, they will be looking for your overall professionalism, such as how well you are dressed and your general attitude. They will also assess your availability and your hardware and internet connection plus your qualifications and experience.

Benefit of apply via First Leap TR interview system

Our Interview team arrange interview daily on Teacher Record interview system,and we giving results to candidates within 2 working days. then we will foraward candidates to training deparment for final preparation of regular classes start. 

It is the fastest channel compare to anyother channel of First Leap.

We are looking forawrd to see you on Interview.

If you have any questions, you can speak to us during interview. the ealiest time you can book your next interview will be the day next to the day of you apply

Job Requirements
Minimum requirements
  • United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland(Preferred)
  • Bachelor or above
  • TEFL, TESOL, TESL, CELTA, DELTA, Other ESL Certificates

    Don't have a teaching certificate? Click on TEFL Certificate for a free one!

  • 1-2 Years
Job Benefit/Welfare

1. This is long term working opportunity 

2. You are free to provide as many time slots as you prefer.

3. Guaranteed income, Fixed teaching hours, booking rate can easily reach 80% or higher; but You can easily get full bookings if you open slots during Hot Teaching Hours:18:50-20:30 BJT

4. Salary: up to $26/hour

5.The more classes you teach, the more bonus you will get

6. Available interview time from the next day
7. Results within 2 days after interview
8. Starting teaching within a week if hired

Application Process
On Platform
The employer will conduct the entire recruitment process on the TeacherRecord internal platform. If you pass the interview, you will receive the employer's contact information for onboarding.
Process inside TeacherRecord platform
Apply→Screening by employer→Waiting for interview invitation→Schedule interview→Attend interview→Accept offer→Leave TeacherRecord platform→Receive instruction to contact employer for onboarding
Important Reminder: As a job board, we offer a platform for employers to post job openings. We verify all jobs and companies before they are published on our platform. However, we do not act as the employer or participate in the hiring process. TeacherRecord strictly prohibits employers from engaging in any illegal or unethical behavior that may harm the legitimate rights and interests of job seekers. Please do not make any payments when applying for a job. If you encounter any suspicious activity, report it here.
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