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Teach Online;

Job Type Full-time Headquarters Beijing
Size 1001-5000 Employees Founded Null
Type Company-Private Industry Education Training Service
Student Ages 4-12 Years Old Class Type 1 v 1

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Company Information fo GoGokid

GoGokid is one of the most popular and rapidly growing ESL companies in China like VIPKID and DaDaABC. GoGokid is a new venture of Bytedance, which owns some well-known brands like Tik Tok and Musicially. Gogokid creates a connection between children in China and the world by providing a global learning experience. Our mission is to foster our students to learn the English language as a tool, not as a goal, and to become individuals with creative and critical thinking skills.


GoGOkid is looking for native English teachers from North America with degree or above. Teaching experience is preferred, but not necessary. Their students are mainly between the ages of 4 and 12 and their classes are 1-to-1 which lasts for 25 minutes. They pay $14-$25 USD per hour plus a bonus based on performance, and attendance


What GOGOKID Believes


We believe that integrating technology and education will revolutionize language learning. We aim to empower our students by strategically facilitating the online learning experience via rigorous analysis of their skills and learning patterns, as well as by providing frequent and holistic feedback with regard to their progress.




We offer one-on-one online language lessons based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and the Chinese standard curriculum through a virtual classroom infused with cutting-edge AI technology.

Teacher Review

Online ESL Teacher Reviews:


Review – Why Teach at GOGOkid?


The following info are from teachers who have been teaching or had taught in GOGOKID before.



Manage your own schedule, parents book the classes, great platform, no mandatory weekly minimums, reasonable attendance expectations

Great pay! Great opportunities to teach any hour and always fully booked.

Make your own schedule - Teach amazing students


It is parent based booking so it seems to be very competitive among teachers.


Gogokid teachers portal


The New Hiring Process of GOGOkid 2020:

                           GOGO kid Interview Process



The new application process will follow these steps:

Make an account and fill out basic Info and apply on TeacherRecord

Schedule a recorded demo in the Teacher Portal and review all the materials provided

Complete the 15-minute recorded demo (2-3 minute intro, 10 minutes teaching)

Applicants will receive results via email within 2-3 business days


For those that pass the interview demo:

Review orientation materials and complete the quiz in the Teacher Portal

Upload the required documents and complete the profile

Sign the Teaching Agreement


Once all steps have been completed, teachers can open their schedules and start teaching!



The requirement for teaching at GOGO kid:


1) A Bachelor's degree (or higher) in any field.

2) Eligibility to work in the US or Canada.

3) Native English Speaker

4) At least 2 school years of teaching experience (includes homeschooling, tutoring, coaching, mentoring, or other life experiences)

5) Teaching certification (TEFL, TESOL,CELTA Certification)



Available Hours:


Teachers are able to open 30 minute slots between 9am-9:30pm BJT (9pm-9:30am EST).  Teachers may open as many or as few classes as they would like each week. Students may book classes up to two weeks in advance.






Base pay ranges from $7-10 per 25 minute class.  Your base pay is determined by your experience and demo lesson performance.

Teachers are eligible for additional bonuses per class based on class attendance and performance.

Payment is sent through PayPal (preferred method) or as an international wire transfer to your bank account.

Pay is sent by the 15th of each month for work done in the previous month.

You are an independent contractor and will be responsible for your own taxes at the end of the year.



GOGOKID Credit Score System:

 GOGOKID operates on a credit score system. The credit score system is based on:

 the amount of 5-star reviews you receive from parents

 the amount of classes you teach

 The more 5-star reviews you get, and the more classes you teach, the higher your score becomes.  In turn, this will increase the pay you receive per class.

 They also pay $5 USD for every student that signs up with GOGOKID after taking your trial class.




Class Booking


How long is each class?

Each class needs to be 25 minutes in length, however, each time slot is 30 minutes in length. This gives you a 5-minute buffer just in case the student is late and allows you enough time to head into the following student’s classroom. (if you have classes back to back)

How can I schedule my time?

You can use the scheduler in order to schedule your available time. You just select the time slots you are available to teach from within your teacher portal. It is recommended that you select your available time slots at least 48 hours prior to class time to increase your booking rate by the students. You may book your availabilities for the month beginning with the current week.

What hours should teachers be available to teach?

Teachers select their own hours, so there is no requirement for specific hours that teachers need to teach. With that being said, there are times in which more students will be on the platform and thus you are more likely to have a class booked by the students. The times in which most students are using the platform are 7-9 pm on weekdays and 9 am-9 pm on weekends.

Is there a maximum number of hours a teacher could teach?

Gogokid sets no limit on the number of hours a teacher can teach within a day, however, we do recommend placing breaks throughout the day so as to ensure class quality and performance from our teachers. You have full control over your schedule, but strive to ensure you make it to the class if a student books a class with you in order to avoid credit score penalties.

What do I need to prepare for the classes?

You don’t need to prepare teaching materials. However, it is strongly recommended that you have your own teaching props ready in order to better facilitate the classes and that you read and review the class slides before the classes.

Will I need to communicate with the parents?

In a way, you will need to write up some feedback within 12 hours of the class ending to describe how the class went. It’s recommended that you write what you covered in the class, what the student did well, and what the student needs to practice more (and give directions on how to go about practicing). This will be your only required communication with the parents.

Will I always teach the same students?

We cannot guarantee that you will always be teaching the same students, nor that you will have a stable stream of students. Trial students are likely to take your classes, and if they like your classes, it is very likely that they will sign up and rebook your classes in the future. It’s also possible that a paying student may just book a class with you to see what your teaching style is like. Basically put, you may not always teach the same students, but if a student likes you and your teaching style, then there is a good chance you will see them again.

Where do the classes take place?

The classes will take place in our virtual classroom which is accessible via the teacher portal 30 minutes before the start of each class.






Interview Process & Tips

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