hired china is committed to connecting with foreign friends who come to China and service providers Foreign-related ices across the country, which daily promote topical issues, news and other practical and business information. From 2015 to date, it has reached 7,000,000 readers per month, with over 300,000 subscribers across the country. GICexpat is gradually starting to cooperate with the consulates and chambers of commerce of various countries in China, in order to provide more official and practical information and content to foreigners in China.

hiredchina the most professional overseas recruitment platform in China. Companies can register for free through the platform and publish job information to recruit foreign employees; foreign job seekers can apply for various positions online for free. The most interesting works will also be published daily on international social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram etc. At present, we have served nearly 7,000 companies and 100,000 foreign talent and 30,000 valid job information. At the same time, HiredChina's headhunting team with ten years of experience provides accurate foreign talent headhunting services to enterprises. On the other hand, we also organize various offline training seminars related to hiring foreigners, to raise awareness of more companies to actively hire international talent, so that more Chinese companies can succeed in the global competition. WeChat official account is updated daily and allows everyone to access important news, events, local services and other practical information in China, to solve high-frequency needs and cultivate loyal users; recruitment platform (Hiredchina.com) to innovate in the ways of displaying employer and personal brand offers, to solve low-frequency problems and to become more practical and efficient. Under the dual-platform operation, we have accumulated a lot of experience and information to help foreigners to work and live in China and Helping Chinese enterprises recruit global talent. In the future, we will create an online information-sharing platform covering employment, visas, entrepreneurial policy orientation up to the life aspect of education, medical care, culture and entertainment; cooperate with offline consulting services, entrepreneurial office, social aggregation functions as true multiple spaces, to complete the whole ecology of foreign talent employment and life in China. Mission and vision, help Chinese companies recruit global talent, make the life and work of foreigners in China easier. The only honest workforce in the world focused on solving expatriate talent for China. Unlimited Success China's leading online job search and recruitment portal specializing in expat jobs. HiredChina specializes in providing foreign talent with the best career opportunities available in China. We offer exciting and challenging positions for talent around the world. We are confident that every foreign talent, from seasoned professionals to students, will find ideal positions and internships in our rapidly growing job database.


5 years of HR experience as a global workforce for expat solutions in China, providing honest services. With over 300,000 subscribers and reaching 720,000 readers per month, china hire is the ideal platform for local businesses to promote their brands or products in expat communities. In order to provide a more enjoyable life experience in China for expats, GiCexpat likes to get in touch with business cooperation with the aim of providing better services to our target subscribers. Frequently Asked Question: is hiredchina legit

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