• Free Accreddited 120H TEFL Course-TeacherRecord

    Teacher Record, a big recruiting league for foreign language teachers, is owned by Federated Database Education Technology Co., Ltd., which provides a great number of English teaching positions online and in china.

    Teacher Record offers a free accredited TEFL course for all ESL teachers. With an understanding of the overall trend and detailed requirements of the English education field, 120h TEFL course- Teacher Record focuses on inspiring our graduates to teach English with an exploring attitude and open-minded class strategies. And Teacher Record has built good cooperation relationships with more than 300 local schools and companies in China to offer more than 1,000 teaching positions. And the 120h TEFL certification-Teacher Record is one of the most recognized certification for all the schools members as well as many other companies worldwide.

    We are dedicated to provide a user friendly teacher recruitment platform for convenient job application with an efficient resume screening, a one-step interview with quick responses and an all-time link between applicants and recruiters.

    The TEFL Certificate-Teacher Record is at no cost and will be permanently valid

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  • myTEFL

    MyTEFL offers accredited online TEFL courses, on site courses in Thailand, Argentina, or Spain, and a host of other training programs around the world. They are very supportive in applying to jobs teaching abroad as well, offering full support throughout the application process. MyTEFL is also a socially responsible organization, donating a portion of its enrollment fees to partner charities.


    • Pros: MyTEFL offers lots of support to its graduates, so if you’re nervous about job-seeking after graduation, here’s a good accredited TEFL program to work with.
    • Cons: MyTEFL is limited in its on-site location options, so if you’re looking to get TEFL certified in the country you intend on teaching abroad in, you may want to look elsewhere.

    Program Cost: $295.00 (120 hours) – $1,950.00 (unlimited courses per year)

    Originally founded in Canada, UNI-Prep Institute is a respected name in educational, professional development. This institute's TESOL certificate program online is 120-hours of coursework, which can be completed on each students' own pace and schedule. At the conclusion of 120-hours, students can select either a TESOL or TEFL certificate. UNI-Prep has a 99% course completion and pass rate, and the institute has extensive connections to ESL-related employment around the world. Online TESOL students complete curriculum in lesson planning, assessments, classroom management, classroom testings, and more.


    Program Cost: $900.00

    Anaheim University is an affordable, reputable school with successful graduates and top-notch instructor faculty. This college's school's fifteen-week online TESOL certificate is developed and moderated by an award-winning linguist; students enrolled in this TESOL program learn a vast range of teaching methods, how to conduct multi-media content presentations, research, and many other teaching resources. AU provides flexibility for its online students, offering the TESOL online certificate program the first Monday of every month.


    Program Cost: $349.00

    TEFL Pros has received consistently strong reviews from its graduates, in particular for its supportive staff, quality of instruction, and return on investment. This company's online TEFL certificate online is a flexible 120-hour program; many of the 120 hours are designated for instructional videos and real-life classroom experiences. TEFL Pros builds a practical skill-set, and this approach ensures more versatility in job placement. This teacher-training company has a "try before you buy" option, where prospective TEFL online students can test out a free module to see if its a fit. For graduates of the online TEFL course, this program has extensive offerings in job placement, networking, interview and resume preparation, among other benefits.


    Program Cost: $158.00 to $218.00

    TEFL Bootcamp / TEFL Educator is a popular option for future English teachers interested in Thailand, China, and Vietnam. This company has multiple online TEFL certificate choices to fit specified interests and career goals. TEFL Bootcamp has online certificate options that include a 60-hour fundamentals course, an 80-hour fundamentals+ course, a 120-hour TEFL professional course, and a 140-hour professional plus course. Regardless of certificate choice, all enrolled students are invited to take advantage of a TEFL teaching practicum; this optional practicum has proven to add great value to the TEFL certificate, as it provides experiential practice in managing a classroom.


    Program Cost: $529.00

    Coventry House International has been considered a leader in teacher training since 1988. ONTESOL is the online TESOL certificate, providing a more convenient means to complete the program. While based in Canada, ONTESOL has been the choice of students around the world; students have given glowing feedback for the TESOL online program, in particular for the curriculum, knowledgeable tutor faculty, job placement, and hands-on approach to teacher education. CHI – ONTESOL has two certificate programs, one that is 120-hours, and a more comprehensive track that is 250-hours.


    Program Cost: $250.00 – $325.00

    The International Teacher Training Organization is a well-respected, low-cost teacher education option. ITTO has three different TEFL certificate programs online; these certificates include a basic 100-hour, a standard 120-hour, and advanced 140-hour options. All TEFL options include top-notch education resources, interactive videos, worldwide job contacts, personalized tutor support, and more. ITTO has extensive contacts on a global scale, working especially closely with Mexico, Latin America, Thailand, and several countries in Europe.


    Program Cost: $1,295.00

    Based in Chicago, Greenheart Travel provides a top-notch and immersive teacher training education. All TEFL online certificate students have access to lifelong job placement assistance, and alumni of the TEFL certificate courses are known to be a well-connected community. Greenheart's TEFL certificate online is 170-hours over eleven weeks; Twenty of the 170 hours are set aside for student teaching, an experiential learning tool that prepares future classroom leaders. Greenheart Travel's teach abroad programs span Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.



    There are many TEFL course providers operating in the USA. With so much choice, and with such a vast amount of conflicting information available on the Internet, it can be hard for prospective TEFL course students to make the right choice. The TEFL Academy's Level 5 TEFL course (168 hours) aims to provide students with accurate information, skills and training to ensure they leave the academy with a sound understanding of teaching English, as well as a clearer picture of the TEFL industry as a whole.

  • Christian TEFL

    Christian TEFL is an organisation that is very different from other TEFL training providers.

    We train people to teach English via our accredited online TEFL courses and then we point our graduates in the direction of mission partners, who are seeking volunteers to teach English in a mission setting. So we aim to be a meeting place for those who want to serve Christ through TEFL and organisations engaged in doing just that. 

    But the real difference is that we are a Christian charity (registered charity number 1145857) and as such, we give all our profit to our partner organisations, so that your course fees go in the most part to helping to spread the gospel.

    Through our sister organisation Global English TESOL we’ve been training people to teach English since 1996 (and teaching English ourselves for several years before that!). Everyone here is a former or current EFL teacher so we like to think we can give you the best quality training of any online TEFL training provider.

  • The Language House TEFL

    The Language House TEFL offers the best online TEFL course you can currently buy in the world. We can say this because the online TEFL course we offer isn’t actually ours, it’s from International TEFL Academy, the leading provider of online TEFL certification courses worldwide. We know this because we researched all of them and found ITA’s online course to be head and shoulders better than anything else out there. It is the reason why we partnered with them when creating our hybrid TEFL course

  • Oxford TEFL

    The Oxford TEFL teacher training program offers both online and 4-week intensive course options in several European cities and in India. They offer both a basic TESOL certification and an advanced TESOL diploma that can be used for academic credit, among other course offerings and specializations.  Oxford TEFL also offers native language courses Czech and Spanish language courses to supplement their trainings in Barcelona and Prague.


    • Pros: Oxford TEFL has a variety of program offerings for both new and experienced teachers, making it a good option for international educators at all different levels.
    • Cons: Oxford TEFL only has a few city locations to choose from, which may be insufficient for teachers looking for broader horizons. 
  • Maximo Nivel

    Maximo Nivel is a large international educational organization with programs located throughout Latin America. While accredited TEFL courses are only a part of what they do, the connectivity of this training within its larger organizational structure makes it a stand out opportunity for teachers aspiring to launch their careers in Latin America. Maximo Nivel’s programs are concentrated in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru.


    • Pros: Earning your TEFL certification with Maximo Nivel is an opportunity to launch into language immersion early on and make connections across the continent.
    • Cons: Maximo Nivel is focused on Spanish-English language exchange in South and Central America—so educators not interested in this region can look on.
  • TEFL Worldwide Prague

    TEFL Worldwide Prague is an American-run accredited TEFL certification school sitting in the heart of Europe in Prague. It offers month-long programs that give students the opportunity to live abroad and interact with fellow aspiring educators as they prepare to launch into their teaching careers. It’s become a very popular school since opening in 2003, and is open to both native and non-native English speakers of most ages.


    • Pros: TEFL Worldwide Prague brings future ESL teachers from around the world into an immersive, intimate learning environment, where you’ll grow immensely and have a fun time while at it.
    • Cons: TEFL Worldwide Prague does what it does well, but is somewhat limited in its flexibility, given its singular location and structure.

    Program Cost: $1,395.00

    International TEFL Academy's 170-hour, eleven-week online TEFL certificate is an affordable option with a long list of resources for its future teachers. This internationally accredited academy offers lifetime and worldwide job search guidance, university-level instruction, an interactive classroom environment, webinars, and much more. The online TEFL course includes curriculum in classroom management, teaching group classes from advanced to beginner, lesson planning, use of multimedia teaching aids, and basic principles of teaching. Every TEFL student is required to complete an in-class teaching practicum.

  • The TEFL org

    We have multiple awards, Ofqual accreditation and are internationally recognized and we will help you enroll on the right course to kickstart your TESOL or TEFL life!

    Our classroom and online courses have been equipping students worldwide to teach English as a second language.  With a head office team and teaching staff who have years of practice in EFL teaching and teacher training, we have first-hand experience in TEFL abroad, tutoring TEFL online or both.   This knowledge and support mean you receive the highest quality and standard of training and support.

    Since we started with our first online course, we have inspired hundreds of thousands of students to have their own life-enhancing experience teaching English as a foreign language. And we are now one of the most accredited TEFL / TESOL course providers in the world, providing first-rate learning experiences.

    Whether you want to teach in a classroom or online, we know you need to have the skills and knowledge every teacher should be equipped with – from grammar to real-life classroom teaching methods.  We’ve been in your shoes and we’ve been through the process ourselves and that’s why we know what you need to succeed.

  • Premier TEFL

    Premier TEFL offers a wide range of accredited TEFL courses online, giving teachers the opportunity to either enroll in a basic training or pursue any number of specializations. They also offer blended courses and paid internships in dozens of locations across South America, Europe and Asia. Premier TEFL has been in the business for over three decades, and prides itself on educational, expansive, and engaging courses.


    • Pros: Premier TEFL has a core structure of online learning, making it a very convenient and advanced option for aspiring teachers on the go in the 21st century.
    • Cons: Aspiring educators that are absolutely new to teaching my benefit from a full-time in classroom course, which Premier TEFL does not specialize in.
  • i-to-i TEFL

    I-to-i TEFL has been training prospective ESL teachers for nearly three decades and has sent nearly 200,000 graduates to teach abroad around the world. This wide-reaching accredited TEFL program offers not only online and in-classroom courses around the world, but also internships and supported job placements in countries such as Spain and China. Future teachers at i-to-i can rest assured they’ll be well-connected through this far-reaching international organization.


    • Pros: i-to-i offers a diversity of accredited TEFL courses for ESL teachers of all different aspirations and experience levels, giving future educators all sorts of options for how to launch their teaching career abroad.
    • Cons: While it offers a creative range of programs, i-to-i TEFL doesn't offer accredited TEFL courses in as many different locations as some other major providers.
  • ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training

    International TEFL and TESOL training (ITTT) is an accredited TEFL course provider with educational centers located in dozens of countries around the world, from Guatemala to South Africa to Vietnam. They also offer accredited TEFL online courses. ITTT courses have a practical emphasis and approach ESL teaching through an English-only classroom approach.


    • Pros: ITTT has a very impressive listing of educational centers around the world, covering a large diversity of locations for teachers of all regional aspirations.
    • Cons: While ITTT has an expansive jobs board that can help you find work in your country of choice, they do not offer as much in the way of job placement assistance as some other providers.