i-to-i TEFL

I-to-i TEFL has been training prospective ESL teachers for nearly three decades and has sent nearly 200,000 graduates to teach abroad around the world. This wide-reaching accredited TEFL program offers not only online and in-classroom courses around the world, but also internships and supported job placements in countries such as Spain and China. Future teachers at i-to-i can rest assured they’ll be well-connected through this far-reaching international organization.


  • Pros: i-to-i offers a diversity of accredited TEFL courses for ESL teachers of all different aspirations and experience levels, giving future educators all sorts of options for how to launch their teaching career abroad.
  • Cons: While it offers a creative range of programs, i-to-i TEFL doesn't offer accredited TEFL courses in as many different locations as some other major providers.
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