The Language House TEFL

The Language House TEFL offers the best online TEFL course you can currently buy in the world. We can say this because the online TEFL course we offer isn’t actually ours, it’s from International TEFL Academy, the leading provider of online TEFL certification courses worldwide. We know this because we researched all of them and found ITA’s online course to be head and shoulders better than anything else out there. It is the reason why we partnered with them when creating our hybrid TEFL course

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    Program Cost: $1,395.00 International TEFL Academy's 170-hour, eleven-week online TEFL certificate is an affordable option with a long list of resources for its future teachers. This internationally a...
  • Premier TEFL

    Premier TEFL offers a wide range of accredited TEFL courses online, giving teachers the opportunity to either enroll in a basic training or pursue any number of specializations. They also offer blende...