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7 US Dollar/Hour
Job Highlights
7 US Dollar/Hour
18+ years old Average
1 student(s)
  • English
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Working Hours
Job Description

Salary:$7 / 50mins

$3.5 for each trial lesson (The first lesson you have with students) thereafter, full rate will apply.

Ⅰ. For IETLS teachers:

1. Teach IETLS to adult students

2. Experience in IELTS- (beneficial but not compulsory)

3. Taken IELTS test before( beneficial but not compulsory)

Ⅱ. For General English Teacher:

1. Teach business/daily conversational/job interview or visa interview

2. Relevant experience is beneficial but not compulsory

3. Taken IELTS test before( beneficial but not compulsory)

Ⅲ. Other Info and Requirements:

1. Students are Adults (18+)

2. 1 v 1 and 50 mins for each class

3. Part time and full time are both available

4. Degree is beneficial but not compulsory

5. TEFL certificate is required. Please apply to us after you hold a TEFL certificate, otherwise your application will be declined

6. Working time:13:00-23:00 China time (7:00 am to 17:00 Sounth African Time)

Part-time - 4 hours between the hours of 18:00-23:00 China time that is 12:00-17:00 South African Time (This is peak teaching hours in China)

Full time – 8 Hours between the hours of 13:00 – 23:00 China time that is (7:00 am to 17:00 Sounth African Time)

(However, there is 4 compulsory hours must arranged between 12:00 to 17:00 South African Time)

What are the differences between working part-time and full-time?

When working part-time, you are required to work for 4 hours during specific peak teaching hours. On the other hand, when working full-time, you can work for 8 hours a day on our platform, with 4 of those hours being during the peak hours from 12:00-17:00 South African Time. You have the flexibility to arrange the remaining 4 hours as you please. Regardless of whether you work part-time or full-time, you will be compensated for the completed lessons. Additionally, you don't need to worry about your schedule as we can accommodate the availability you provide."

7. You are required to upload a one-minute self introduction video onto your resume.

8. Good equipment(back up power/strong cable connection/clear camera)

Ⅳ. About US

Partner English specializes in IELTS, Daily conversational, Business English, Job interviews and Postgraduate interview lessons.

Each teacher starts out on being an IELTS teacher. Should the teacher perform well within the first three months, they will receive extra training for our general English department and join us in general English.

All lessons and students are provided by the company, We provide all lessons for teachers to use in class and provide local as well as international support to teachers.

Rules are put in place to ensure the best class quality and training is provided to assist the teacher as well as support from an international teacher assistant and national teacher manager that will manage the teacher’s day-to-day difficulties and achievements.

Each teacher is expected to receive critique with an open mind and make the changes where needed and each teacher will be given enough resources and tools to make their teaching successful as long as there is a passion for improvement and teaching our extraordinarily knowledgeable students.

A bonus structure is also in place and $20 will be offered to complete your training by the deadline set by your teacher manager.

Job Requirements
Minimum requirements
  • English-Native-Speaker, South Africa(Preferred)
  • High School or above
  • TEFL

    Don't have a teaching certificate? Click on TEFL Certificate for a free one!

  • Less Than 1 Year
Job Benefit/Welfare

- Salary:$7 / 50mins

- $3.5 for each trial lesson (The first lesson you have with students) thereafter, full rate will apply. 

- Both part time and full time is available

- High booking rate ( Students can book your flexible hours on their own, and also our professional team will arrange students to fill in the schedule you opened as well )

- Perfect attendance - $15

- Highest buying rate for the month - $15

- Highest NL lesson amounts - $15

- Highest buying rate for three consecutive months - $200

Application Process
On Platform
The employer will conduct the entire recruitment process on the TeacherRecord internal platform. If you pass the interview, you will receive the employer's contact information for onboarding.
Process inside TeacherRecord platform
Apply→Screening by employer→Waiting for interview invitation→Schedule interview→Attend interview→Accept offer→Leave TeacherRecord platform→Receive instruction to contact employer for onboarding
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