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Online ESL Jobs

How to Become A Qualified ESL Teacher?

A well qualified ESL teacher needs to be patient, optimistic and highly organized with comprehensive communication and listening skills. Besides these characteristics, the following skills are also necessary:
▪ Second Language Skills
It would be very beneficial if the ESL teachers are able to speak the local language with their students. For example, If the teachers could speak Chinese, it would be very attracting.
▪ Teaching Abilities
The well qualified ESL teachers are required to possess effective classroom management and lesson-planning abilities for ESL classes.
▪ Adaptable Mindset
It is very important for the ESL teachers to be adaptable and flexible. Since their students might come from different culture background with different language levels.
▪ TEFL Certificate
It is necessary to teach English online or abroad with an accredited TEFL certification. You may get a chance to access free 120-Hour TR TEFL certificate.

What are the Benefits for Online ESL Teachers

Teaching ESL online can be really rewarding, it brings many benefits for ESL teachers. ESL teaching job benefits may include:
▪ Flexibility
one of the most important benefits for ESL teachers, which allows ESL teachers to teach online when they are available.
▪ Freedom
the most obvious perk for online ESL teachers, which allows ESL teachers to move around and wear pajamas when they don’t have class.
▪ Diverse Teaching Experiences
Online teaching offers a great platform for teachers to experience and connect with students from different background and cultures.
Online ESL Jobs
Online ESL Jobs

What are the Best Online ESL Job in China?

Looking for online ESL teaching jobs? You are in the right place. Teacher Record got the best online ESL jobs home based from the best online schools. Find out the following online ESL job china:
one of the most popular and rapidly growing ESL companies in China. They create a connection between children in China and the world by providing a global learning experience.
▪ First Leap
established in Beijing in 2009, providing after-school English training which has expanded to over 100 centers in 30 cities across China.
one of the leading online English education platform in China which was established in 2013 to provide one-to-one courses for 4 to 16 year olds Chinsese students.

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How Much Can Online ESL Teachers Earn?

Normally the teaching rate for online ESL teachers vary a little bit between 9 USD and 30 USD per hour. The rate depends on the qualification and experience of teachers.

It is rewarding to teach ESL online full time in ESL teaching online companies. Normally the higher reviews the ESL teachers get from students, the higher the pay rate is. It is a great opportunity to earn a nice and decent salary for teaching English remotely.

Online ESL Jobs
Online ESL Jobs

How to Get An Online ESL Job No Degree and No Experience?

Want to teach English online no degree or teach English online no experience? Not having a degree or experience should not stop you from getting a nice online ESL job. As long as you are able to meet the qualifications of the companies, you will able to get an online job. Check the companies below:
▪ Magic Ears
a nice online education platform, which provides interactive and effective ways to teach English to Chinese students online with age from 4 to 12 years old
▪ Palfish
an app-based education platform for English teaching, which make English learning very convenient for Chinese students whenever they are free.