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As one of the largest economies in the world, China is becoming a more and more popular destination for ESL teachers to teach English abroad. With a large population and a growing demand for English teachers, China provides a great number of teaching opportunities for ESL teachers. In order to come and teach in China, teachers are required with valid visas and many documents, and there are many laws or rules that need to be paid attention to after living in China. This article will introduce relevant legal documents and rules in China in order to help teachers to lead a better life.

Some aspects of the China Visa Rules or laws while living and working in China:   

1. How to Apply for A Work Permit in China

2. China's Travel Ban Policy and Visa Issues for Foreigners

3. How to Apply a PU Letter in Shanghai

4. china's travel ban policy and visa issues for foreigners

5. Eight Common Rules You Should Know When Living and Working in China

6. What Laws You Should Know When Working In China


For everyone who wishes to work in China, they need a work visa. But what visa do they need and how to apply for it?

Chinese work visas or Z visas are for foreign nationals who are going to work in China

Foreign nationals who hold a Z visa are only allowed to stay in China for 30 days from the day when they arrive in China. During the 30 days, Foreign nationals need to ask their employers to help them to apply for the residence permit, which allows the foreign nationals to stay for 90 days to 5 years.

The documents required for work visa application:

1. Foreigner work permit application form

2. Employment contract/certificate/government authorization

3. Valid passport/visa/ residence permits

4. Non-criminal record certificate

5. Work qualification certificate

6. Medical certificate (except for expats holding valid residence permits)

7. Academic degree (the highest) or relevant professional qualification certificate (requires consulate certification)

For a more detailed guide, please refer to How to Apply for A Work Permit in China.

From Mar, 28th, China has closed its border of the entrance of foreign nationals. Many teachers are questioning if they can come back to China because they hold a residence permits or work visa.

Regarding to the China's Travel Ban Policy and Visa Issues for Foreigners, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions into Q&A, we hope this information would be helpful.   

Here are some common questions with answers.

Q1  I have a valid business visa, can I still enter China now?

A1   It depends on when the business visa is issued:


Before March 28: No

After March 28: Yes


Q2    What is the special certificate issued by the Foreign Affairs Office?

A2    Also known as "M Visa" (Business Visit)


Validity period: 30 days-180 days

Q3    If my work permit and residence permits expire before the borders reopen, what should I do?

A3    Your Chinese employers will restart the work permit application, so that foreign employees can apply for Z-Visa in the Chinese Embassy. When you reenter China, your Chinese employers will continue the work permit application and transfer the Z-Visa to the residence permits.

Q4    I was terminated by my Chinese employer, and can I still enter China with my valid work permit and residence permits?

A4    Absolutely no. Your residence permits will be cancelled after your employer cancel your work permit. And if you still hold a residence permits entering China, both of you and your employer will be punished.

Q5    Can I enter China holding a permanent resident ID?

A5    Yes. You can enter China under the travel ban.

Recently, Chinese embassy has announced that teachers from some European countries may apply for the PU Letter to come back to China.

How to Apply for a PU Letter in Shanghai?

The following documents are required for applying for a PU Letter:

l Application form (the template will be provided by FAO)

l The information summary table about the applicant (the template will be provided by FAO)

l The scan copy of the applicant’s passport (valid over 6 months)

l Application Letter from the Shanghai inviting company (the template will be provided by FAO)

l The inviting company's background table (the template will be provided by FAO)

l Other necessary documents asked by the local FAO (please check it by yourself)

When you have prepared all required materials, (one by one)

l Email them to the District FAO.

l The background of both the inviting companies and expats will be verified by the District FAO,

l Next all materials will be transferred to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office which makes the final decision)

For more details about applying for a PU Letter, please refer to: how to Apply for a PU Letter in Shanghai?

On Sept, 23th, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China announced that foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion are allowed to come back to China which will be Effective 0 a m., 28 September, and they don’t need to apply for new visas.

If the above three categories of residence permits has expired after 0 a.m., 28 March 2020, the holders may apply for relevant visas by presenting the expired residence permits and relevant materials to the Chinese embassies or consulates on the condition that the purpose of the holders' visit to China remains unchanged.

When the border is open, and you come back to China, you also need to be aware of the following rules while living in China.

Eight Common Rules You Should Know When Living and Working in China

1. Certificates required to work in China:

2. Pay personal income tax in China

3. File a lawsuit as a foreigner in China

4.  Pay social insurance premiums

5. Requirements for two foreigners getting married in China

6. Requirements for foreigners to purchase real estate in China

7. Things that can't be drink, eat, or smoke in China

8. Things to do when in danger


What Laws You Should Know When Working In China?

Read this article, you will have a basic understanding about the laws or rules while working and living in China:

1. The labor contract should be signed within 1 month

2. The probation/trial period shall not exceed 6 months

3. Pension/Endowment insurance must be insured for at least 15 years

4. Medical insurance should be paid within 3 months

5. ...........

6. ..........

For more detailed laws while working in China, you should read this article to have a better and clear idea.

Except for the laws or rules mentioned above, there will be many other restricts as well, for example, if you want to take your pet to China or your family want to pay you a visit, what type visas do they need and how to apply for them. And some teachers may even want to apply for the permanent residency permit. For more questions about the visas or laws while living in China, please feel free to contact us at TeacherRecord.

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