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Teacher Record, a big recruiting league for foreign language teachers, is owned by Federated Database Education Technology Co., Ltd., which provides a great number of English teaching positions online and in china.

Teacher Record offers a free accredited TEFL course for all ESL teachers. With an understanding of the overall trend and detailed requirements of the English education field, 120h TEFL course- Teacher Record focuses on inspiring our graduates to teach English with an exploring attitude and open-minded class strategies. And Teacher Record has built good cooperation relationships with more than 300 local schools and companies in China to offer more than 1,000 teaching positions. And the 120h TEFL certification-Teacher Record is one of the most recognized certification for all the schools members as well as many other companies worldwide.

We are dedicated to provide a user friendly teacher recruitment platform for convenient job application with an efficient resume screening, a one-step interview with quick responses and an all-time link between applicants and recruiters.

The TEFL Certificate-Teacher Record is at no cost and will be permanently valid

 Start your Free TEFL COURSE today (100% for free permanently)

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