TR TEFL Application and frequently asked Questions

How to apply for TeacherRecord 120 Hour TEFL certificate?


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1.Does TR TEFL 100% free of charge? Moreover, why is it free?


Yes, TR TEFL is 100 percent free of charge. You can download TEFL certificate once you complete the course online.


Teacher Record association is a Job board as well as an ESL industry standard setter. We do not sell TEFL course to make profits out of teachers pursuing better development in the ESL industry. We have been looking for qualified teachers to join the prospering industry and make better contributions to the competitive market.


Therefore, we guarantee that we will not charge a penny for gaining TEFL certificate.


2. Shall I go to an offline location for the course or just study online?


We provide 13 modules in the TR TEFL course which are totally online. You will also take the exams online after studying the online course.


3.Is there a time limit for studying TR TEFL course? Or how long am I required to spend on the course?


First, there is no time limit for studying our TEFL course. You can do it according to your own schedule. Some applicants even finish the course and exams within a week.


Second, you are not required to spend a specific period of time on the course. You can arrange your course study according to your own English proficiency and timetable. The exams are set according to the whole course. As long as you pass the exams, you will be eligible for the certificate.


4. Can I have a hard copy of my TEFL certificate?


Yes, you can order the hard copy in the system once you have obtained your TEFL certificate. The hard-copy certificates can be shipped globally.


5.Is TR TEFL accredited?


Yes, TR Certificate is accredited by Teacher Record ESL Association and most schools and teaching companies.

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