Laowai Career

LaowaiCareer bridges the language hole with the aid of using connecting foreigners to remarkable businesses in China and China businesses within a position of foreigners. We are a one forestall store for each foreigner seeking out paintings in China.


"laowai", "loawhy" or "lao wai"老外 in Chinese means "foreigner" and usually appears as an endearing term. As a foreigner in China, you may often listen to Chinese human beings regarding you as the "laowai". It is one of the first Chinese phrases that many foreigners learn.


Forget scouring the Internet for the appropriate activity in China. If you've got any hobby in any respect in running in China or are already in China, LaowaiCareer will prevent time and electricity at some point of your activity hunt.

Finally, there's a main activity internet site in English for foreigners in China! Sign up and revel in your laowai profession FEATURED CHINA JOBS/FEATURED CHINA EMPLOYERS. LaowaiCareer is China's first worldwide expertise recruitment platform, offers laowai career reviews once-in-a-lifetime China internships, graduate jobs and complete-time profession possibilities for students, graduates, entry-stage expertise and younger professionals. Whether you're already in China or questioning about China, laowai career can discover the appropriate China activity for you."


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