Dave's ESL Cafe

In development and growth, daves esl cafe was fully funded by Dave, although he now allows sponsors to be on the site. There is a photo of Dave on the homepage as well as advertisements and sponsored links. The site title is "Dave Sperling Presents the One and Only Dave's ESL Cafe."The slogan of daves esl is "The Internet meeting place for ESL + EFL teachers + students around the world!" In my opinion, for a website aimed at ESL professionals and students who want to improve their English skills and find esl jobs China, korea,  Russia, Greece, France, Thailand, and Vietnam and other dave's esl cafe jobs. Find ESL & EFL teaching opportunities available around the world.


The overall look of esl cafe is bright and colorful and there are beautiful images from different destinations around the world. Images include those from all over the world. ESL Cafe is a popular resource for students and teachers at ESL. esl cafe features videos to the world, as well as videos for teaching and learning English.


Frequently Asked Questions: how safe are the jobs on eslcafe, how to check if a school on eslcafe is legit.

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