We strive to create and update valuable new features. for our growing user base. At, The place to ask China-related questions! you will find comprehensive guides to 41 major Chinese cities covering everything from best (and worst) restaurants, Featured Career Advice, Featured Expat Life. attractions and things to do, articles on all aspects of life and travel in China and up-to-date bulletins that you won't find on any other site in English. Another online resource offers the wealth of information on business, travel and life in China that has to offer echinacities is privately funded and is in no way affiliated with any government agencies inside or outside of China.


As the largest employment resource for foreigners in China, eChinaCities offers users a huge job database, online resume services, echinacities jobs, and articles on the ins and outs of living in China.

Looking for jobs in China? 

eChinacities is the largest expat job search site in China. Everything from education to journalism, modeling, programming and accounting is just a click away! Thousands of jobs updated daily! Our mission is to help you find echinajobs that matches your needs by connecting you with thousands of companies across China. Simply visit our site, find jobs echinacities you want and send them your CV with our eChinacities personalized CV generator! Start your professional career in China today!


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