Teacher Record

As a big recruitment league for foreign language teaching, we have gathered together lots of verified school members which are foreign language schools and training institutions all across the world. 

As a large foreign language teachers' career information base, we have attracted a great number of high-quality applicants from English-speaking countries to build their teaching career records.


We are dedicated to simplifying job applications. We support efficient resume screening, a one-step interview with quick responses and an all-time service.


As the official TEFL provider based in China, with an understanding of the overall trend and detailed requirements of the English education field, our courses focus on inspiring our graduates to teach English with an exploring attitude and open-minded class strategies. On completion of our courses, graduates will receive a certificate, fully accredited and recognized by a good number of language schools, which can be proudly present to potential employers. The legalization of our certificate is a great help in applying for international teaching jobs.


Unlike many other training companies, TEFL-Teacher Record is at no charge. Our core mission is to help those who are willing to do better in teaching English as a foreign language and obtain a better and higher-paying teaching job. We stay true to making the whole English education industry prosper with excellent TEFL teachers so that more and more students will flourish and have positive life experiences on the world stage. That is why TEFL here is free of charge and all it costs is your exploration and hard work on the highest-quality programs and tests that we are committed to providing in order to improve the overall teaching abilities of our TEFL graduates.


No matter where you are, it's the right time to access your online training, equip yourself and become a certified ESL teacher!

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