TEFL in Countries with Good Job Opportunities

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is an engaging combination of travel and knowledge sharing, making this profession both exciting and lucrative. Global demand for English teachers creates opportunities to explore different cultures while making a living as a TEFL instructor. This guide will take you through seven top locations worldwide where TEFL instructors are needed most based on demand for teachers, earning potential, and overall quality of life considerations.


What qualifications do I require in order to teach English abroad?


Before we explore our top seven destinations, let's address an often-asked question about teaching English abroad: what qualifications do I require? Typically, a bachelor's degree and TEFL certification are usually the minimum requirements to teach abroad; some countries with good job opportunities also require prior teaching experience. As this may differ depending on where your destination lies, make sure that all specific requirements for your desired location have been fulfilled prior to making any decisions about studying there.


What are the advantages of teaching English abroad?


Teaching English abroad provides numerous advantages. You'll get to experience new cultures, languages and people while earning a living - plus many positions offer housing assistance, airfare reimbursement and paid holidays! In countries with lower living costs you could also save a substantial portion of your salary!


Where are most TEFL jobs located?


Most TEFL jobs can be found at private language centers in major cities; however, other opportunities can also exist within public schools, businesses, and government-sponsored programs. Job locations vary between countries due to demand for English learning in different regions.




Vietnam, famous for its vibrant cities, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes is our first destination. Vietnam provides an exciting blend of traditional and modern life that TEFL teachers will appreciate.


Vietnam offers teaching jobs to TEFL teachers of any experience level in language centers throughout major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam makes an excellent destination for beginners as the country welcomes those just entering TEFL teaching.


Vietnam offers teachers an earning potential between $1,000 to $2,000 monthly, due to low costs of living and providing teachers with enough savings potential to live comfortably while also saving some of their earnings.


While not teaching, Vietnam offers many incredible sights that you should see: Ha Long Bay is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site due to its breathtaking natural beauty, while Hoi An is famed for its well-preserved Ancient Town.



Our journey continues as we venture to Thailand, the "Land of Smiles." Known for its warm climate, friendly people, and laidback lifestyle, Thailand has quickly become a top destination among TEFL teachers worldwide.


Teaching opportunities exist throughout Thailand, especially at private language schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. A degree and TEFL certification may typically be necessary.


Thailand boasts an average monthly earning potential of $1,000 USD, which may seem modest relative to other countries but actually makes quite an impactful statement regarding living costs and affordability.


Thailand is famous for its stunning beaches, historic temples and vibrant street food scene. Explore Bangkok or relax on Phuket beaches before visiting Ayutthaya; there is always something exciting going on here!


South Korea

Next we head off to South Korea, a nation known for its traditions yet advanced technology. Famous for K-pop culture, delectable cuisine and unparalleled cultural experiences for TEFL teachers.


South Korea offers numerous TEFL jobs, particularly at public schools and private language institutes (Hagwons). However, at least a year's teaching experience is usually necessary in South Korea.


Earning potential ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. Furthermore, many positions offer benefits like housing and airfare.


Your free time offers you plenty of opportunities to experience Seoul or Gyeongju, also known as "museum without walls." Don't forget about visiting Jeju Island - Korea's premier holiday destination.




Argentina After traversing the Atlantic, we arrive in Argentina - renowned for its lively culture, breathtaking landscapes, and passionate locals. Argentina provides an unforgettable TEFL experience complete with music, dance, and delectable cuisine!


Argentina provides opportunities for employment in private language schools and businesses, particularly Buenos Aires. A bachelor's degree and TEFL certification may typically be necessary.


Argentina offers modest earning potentials that are sufficient to sustain daily life. Although salaries might not compare favorably with other countries, its cultural experiences and picturesque beauty make Argentina worth visiting.


Argentina is famous for its tango, wine, and breathtaking sites such as Patagonia and Iguazu Falls. From exploring vibrant city life in Buenos Aires to hiking through breathtaking landscapes in Patagonia or tasting world-famous wines in Mendoza - Argentina provides an enriching cultural and natural experience that awaits discovery!



Next we visit Europe and arrive in Spain - an area known for its rich history, varied landscapes and delectable cuisine. Spain is an especially desirable TEFL teaching destination due to its combination of cultural and historical experiences.


Employment in Spain can be found in private language schools, public schools and summer camps in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. A bachelor's degree and TEFL certification may usually be necessary.


Earning potential is typically lower in Spain compared to Asian countries, yet cultural experiences and quality of life can often outshone those in Asia.


Spain boasts an abundance of attractions, from the historic Alhambra in Granada to Barcelona's bustling streets. Explore Antoni Gaudi's architectural wonders or experience vibrant nightlife in Madrid; Spain offers a host of cultural experiences for every traveller.



Next up on our voyage is China - the world's most populous country, home to an abundance of opportunities for English teachers and TEFL teachers, and a place where the quality of life has seen significant improvements.

Jobs in China can be found at private language schools, public schools and universities - especially in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. A degree and TEFL certification may often be necessary.


China offers excellent earning potential and many positions come with benefits such as housing and airfare.


In addition to career opportunities, China provides an exquisite cultural experience with attractions like the Great Wall, Terracotta Army and vibrant cities like Shanghai. Be it exploring the historic Forbidden City in Beijing, modern streets in Shanghai or hiking up on the Great Wall - China offers an intriguing blend of ancient history and contemporary development that makes its visit memorable and rewarding, all contributing to the increasing quality of life in China.


Teaching English abroad can be an immensely satisfying and enriching experience that offers you an opportunity to travel the globe while making an difference in students' lives. Our journey has taken us through seven vibrant and distinct countries that each offer unique TEFL teaching opportunities and experiences - be it Vietnam's bustling streets, South Korea's high-tech world, Thailand's sunny beaches or Spain's vibrant culture; Argentina's passionate spirit; ancient China history. So we hope this guide provided valuable insights and inspired you on your TEFL adventure - we hope this guide has provided valuable insights and inspired you on your TEFL journey!

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