Hujiang is one of the largest language education companies in China. They are not only teaching English, but also Janpanese, Korea and some other languages in Europe. They have many type of students like children, teenagers, college students and working goups. Therefore, the working hours are from 9am to 10 pm Beijing Time which is depent on who your students are. They focus on exam preparation, like college entrance exam, accounting/finance/business or career-oriented exams for students preparing to go study abroad. They prefer native teachers with a bachelor's degree or above and certificates related to teaching or education. They require a teaching certificate as well. They have audio classes and they offer $12-16 per hour and face to face lesson with $16-20 per hour.In fact, they speak multiple languages (English, European, Japanese, Korean, etc.) for all students' ages. They not only pay attention to oral practice, the salary is 12-26 US dollars per hour, depending on your experience and type of job.

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