ITutorGroup, also known as TutorABC or VIPABC,  is an online education company set up in 1998 in China. TutorABC,VIPABC,TutorJr, iTutor, and TutorMing are their online education brands.  The class range from individual to small groups of up to six students. They prefer native English teachers from US/UK/Canada. The salary vary greatly depending on the qualification and the length working with them. Normally the basic rate is from $8-11 USD per hour or even lower. But some experience native teachers may get $20 an hour or above. If you want to make more money, iTutorGroup is a good choice, because you can decide the number of courses you want to teach once a week, and there is no limit to how many classes you can teach. But the problem is that it's hard to get rid of the set class hour system, where salaries range from $8 to $49, but usually $24.

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