The Prospects of Teaching English in Taiwan

Are you thinking about teaching English abroad in Taiwan? This vibrant island nation offers ESL teachers an ideal teaching destination. From its modern democracy and Western-facing orientation, to attractive compensation packages, Taiwan offers ESL teachers an exceptional chance to explore a new culture while furthering their career in teaching English abroad.


Requirements of Teaching English in Taiwan:

To become an EFL (teaching English abroad) teacher in Taiwan, several requirements need to be met. A four-year university degree is usually necessary, though having a master's can open more opportunities within universities and colleges. Native English-speakers are preferred and an FBI background check will likely be performed upon employment (though minor offenses should not hinder employment prospects). Furthermore, getting certified through online TEFL courses has become increasingly valuable.


Pros and Cons of Living and Working in Taiwan:

Living and working in Taiwan comes with both its own set of advantages and challenges. Taiwan offers first-world amenities, relatively high pay, a rich cultural experience and diverse culinary scene - not to mention a moderate climate! However, one should remain cognizant of potential downsides such as pollution levels, stricter teacher requirements or having to adjust to Asian work culture - as potential drawbacks to living there must also be considered.


Salary and Cost of Living:

ESL teachers in Taiwan can expect a monthly salary between $1,800-$2,500, with more qualified international school teachers earning significantly more. Though Taiwan's cost of living is generally lower than in Western countries, its cost may still be higher when compared with mainland China and Southeast Asia; nevertheless its comfortable lifestyle, affordable street food options, moderate weather and friendly people all add up to make living there worthwhile experience.


Types of English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan:

Taiwan offers various English teaching jobs tailored to suit different preferences and qualifications. Private language schools are the go-to choice for foreign ESL teachers looking for employment; international schools in Taiwan typically require higher qualifications for entry while offering competitive salaries; public schools/colleges may offer teaching positions but may have stricter eligibility criteria than others.


Taipei, Taiwan's capital city, is an exciting hub of culture, commerce and politics that offers abundant employment opportunities and an exciting lifestyle. Expats seeking a vibrant yet laidback living environment often opt for neighborhoods such as Da'An/Dongmen, ZhongShan or East District as they have welcoming environments; other major cities, like Taichung or Kaohsiung are also worth considering and provide their own special experiences.

Locating English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan: When looking for English teaching positions in Taiwan, make use of various resources. Job boards like Tealit, Teast and Dave's ESL Cafe provide job listings while Facebook groups dedicated to Taiwan or specific cities such as Taipei may provide further resources and networking opportunities. Apply to multiple positions every day while following up with interviews and thank-you emails so as to increase your chances of landing one!


Get Hired and Visa Process:

To streamline the hiring process and ease visa acquisition, be sure to have all necessary documents prepared, such as a well-crafted resume, passport copies and TEFL certifications. Schools in Taiwan generally handle work permit and alien resident certificate (ARC) procedures for teachers - making it simpler for foreigners to obtain necessary visas.


Tips for finding teaching opportunities in Taiwan:


Utilize Online Job Boards:

Websites such as Tealit, Teast and Dave's ESL Cafe can provide excellent resources for job listings in Taiwan. Keep checking these platforms regularly for new openings that match up with your qualifications and preferences, then apply directly for them.


Join Facebook Groups:

Participating in Facebook groups dedicated to teach English in Taiwan or specific cities like Taipei can open up additional job leads and networking opportunities for teachers. Often these groups feature active communities where members share job postings, provide advice, and connect with one another.


Attend Job Fairs and Networking Events:

Keep an eye out for job fairs and networking events specifically focused on English teaching in Taiwan. At these events, potential employers, job opportunities, and networking connections in the ESL community can all be explored.


Contacting Language Schools Directly:

Once you've done some research into language schools near your desired location, reach out directly. Send an email expressing interest in teaching with attachment of resume and qualifications - even if they don't currently have any openings they might keep your information on file for future opportunities!


Be Proactive and Persistent in Your Job Search:

Locating teaching opportunities can often be competitive; therefore it's key to be proactive and persistent during your job search process. Make regular checks of job boards, follow up on applications submitted for positions applied for and consider multiple applications to increase your odds of securing one.


Create a Professional Resume:

Tailor your resume to highlight relevant teaching experience, qualifications, specialized training or certifications you hold, adaptability in various cultural environments and passion for English teaching.


Consider Recruitment Agencies:

Recruitment agencies that specialize in placing English teachers in Taiwan may also be worth exploring, as these agencies often have existing relationships with schools that can help facilitate finding suitable positions based on your qualifications and preferences.


Remind yourself:

Building a solid network, being proactive with your job search, and showcasing your qualifications and enthusiasm will greatly increase the chances of finding teaching positions in Taiwan.


Teaching English in Taiwan offers an enriching cultural immersion, attractive compensation and supportive environment. By fulfilling all requirements, conducting diligent job searches and successfully navigating the visa process, you can start a fulfilling teaching career there and have an opportunity to make a positive difference in students' lives while experiencing its rich culture and vibrant lifestyle.

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