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1.  How to apply for TEFL certificate?


If you don’t have a TEFL certificate, please feel free to obtain one.
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You can simply login Teacher Record website and apply for the TEFL certificate under My Account-Certification


Or get FREE TEFL COURSE NOW then register the TEFL course


2. Why is the TEFL certificate free?


Teacher Record, a non-profit TEFL course provider, offers a high-quality TEFL course for practical skills and techniques to help teachers find satisfactory ESL jobs.
As one of the biggest ESL online school associations in the world and most of the schools acknowledge Teacher Record standard. Therefore, Teacher Record 120-hour TEFL certificate is one of the most valuable certificates for online English teaching or teaching abroad.

We aim to help more Teachers to become qualified in the ESL industry. They can also choose to find jobs on our job board and teach for our members.


It's free to get the TEFL certificate, but if you want a hard copy, the print cost and delivery cost should be paid.
If you don’t have a TEFL certificate, please feel free to obtain one.
And share with your friends

Get FREE TEFL COURSE NOW then register TEFL course


3.  The TEFL certificate is accredited by authorities?


The TEFL certificate that you are going to obtain or have obtained is accredited by Teacher Record ESL Association and is involved in business all over Asia. More than 500 schools and training institutes in the world have joined Teacher Record ESL Association. These school members have accepted Teacher Record Standard and most of them have already applied it in their online and off-line English teaching.

As one of the largest recruitment platforms for English teachers around the world, Teacher Record ESL Association is engaged in the whole TEFL training industry and focuses on helping those who are willing to do better in teaching English as a foreign language. That is why TEFL here is free of charge. All it requires is your exploration and hard work on the highest-quality program and tests that we are committed to improving the overall teaching abilities of our TEFL graduates.

Our program has been designed by a professional team of qualified teachers on the diploma level, some of them come from well-known universities and training institutions and hold TESOL master’s degrees, while others are leading experts in this field. Our high-qualified trainers have a genuine passion for teaching international students and teachers and have rich experience in teaching English as a foreign language in exciting places like China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The courses are fully accredited and recognized by a good number of language schools, which recognize the legalization of our certificates and explain how it is used in connection with international teaching applications. Our goal is to make the whole English education industry prosper with excellent TEFL teachers so that more and more students will flourish and have positive life experiences on the world stage.


4. How long will the TEFL course take to learn?


When you have completed all 13 modules online successfully, the certificate will be reviewed by TR teacher. Normally it takes one working day, then you will be able to get the e-version of the certificate, so please check it later and see if you can download it.


5.  The Certificate provides a print version?


You are able to download the e-version after you complete your course.  If you need a hard copy, you can directly order the hard copy on our website.


The e-version certificate is free. If teachers want to get the paper version, they need to pay the delivery cost and printing cost to get the paper version. You can simply log in to Teacher Record and order the certificate there.




6.  Can I download the course materials?


Currently, it's not available in the system.


7. how can my employer check the validity of the TEFL certificate of TR?


Check at this website with your certificate number:

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