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TeacherRecord is the most advanced transnational online job website for foreign teachers. It has more than 500,000 registered teachers all over the world includes native teachers in all languages.

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Don't want to post jobs? TR Recruitment System Solution still fits you!

If your Company/School has enough teacher resumes and does not need additional teacher traffic, and all you want is to improve your efficiency in resume processing as well as the whole recruitment process, you can still consider using TeacherRecord Recruitment System Solution to build your Company Enhanced Profile.

What can TR Recruitment System Solution achieve?

  • 1. Teacher guiding and demo video uploading
  • 2. Candidate CV pre-screening and auto-reply
  • 3. Online interview arrangement
  • 4. Online interview classroom (No need to use Skype or Zoom anymore)
  • 5. On-boarding training system (Customized)

In other words, to spare the extra human input and complicated steps necessary in the traditional recruitment (emails received via email - > candidates added on Skype - > interview materials sent to candidates - > other departments involved in on-boarding), TR Recruitment System has achieved the goal of completing the whole recruitment process in one convenient ecosystem, thus avoiding loss of candidates and ensuring low-cost and highly efficient recruitment.

Flexible service models to meet your needs

Part 1: Service Contents for Different Needs
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ModelYour NeedsDefinition
Model 1:
One-Off Advertising
Type 1: CPC

(Charged for Clicks Leading to Target Website)

Companies/Schools that are expecting more applicants to land on their own target recruitment websites.

1. An advertisement is posted on TR Job List.

2. If a teacher clicks the advertisement and reaches your target landing page, it will be counted as one successful click. (Please be assured that if an applicant only views your advert on TR without taking any further actions to land on your target page, it WON'T be counted as a successful click.)

3. The price depends on the CPC Package (based on the number of clicks) you select.

Type 2: Resume Access

(Charged for Unlocking Contact Information in Resumes Received)

Companies/Schools that are expecting to obtain contact information in the resumes received so that they can directly reach applicants and schedule interviews.

1. An advertisement is posted on TR Job List.

2. There is no charge when you have received resumes but have not obtained the contact info.

3. There is a charge when you would like to unlock the contact info for the resumes you have received.

4. The price depends on the Resume Access Package (based on the number of resumes accessed with contact info).

Model 2: Advanced Recruitment

(Cost per Hire)

Companies/Schools that are using traditional recruitment methods and are looking forward to improving their efficiency with advanced technical means.

Companies/Schools that would like to pay only when teachers are admitted successfully.

1. It is free of charge to use the TR Recruitment System and enjoy the one-step service: recruitment-interview-onboarding.

2. You will only be charged when a teacher is successfully admitted after the probation period of 15 days.

3. The price depends on the qualifications of the teacher.

4. There are no other fees related to advertisements or any hidden charges.

Model 3: Full Service

(Cost per Finished Course Hour)

Companies/Schools that would like to use the TeacherRecord System for efficient recruitment and/or professional management advice.

1. It is free of charge to use the TR System for recruiting and training of teachers.

2. It is free of charge to enjoy follow-up services, such as global payments, teacher management analysis, monthly management advice reports, etc...

3. TR charges based on the number of hours done by teachers monthly.

4. The price is negotiable and depends on the project evaluation.

69 USD to post your first job

First Trial Service for 30 Days
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Type 1: CPC (Cost Per Click)Type 2: Resume Access
AdvertisementService can be switched once from Type 2 to Type 1.Posting jobs and receiving resumes are free of charge. You are only charged for the contact information you would like to obtain.
Services Included in the Trial Package100 clicks from applicants your target landing page.Unlimited access to resumes received as well as relative contact information.
Refreshing of Job Advert RankingNoneTwice
Payment TimeBefore the activation of the first advertisement.Before obtaining contact info for resumes received.
JOB and RESUME - TeacherRecord

What are our strengths?

✅ One is all. Relying on the large volume and sufficient stock of teachers, TR’s one-stop service meets your need on various kinds of teachers, no matter what the amount is.

✅ Everything is so simple. From advertising to teacher induction just need a few clicks.

✅ No one knows language schools better than us. We consider what you have considered.

✅ Save your time. With plenty of recruiting experience and in-depth business communication, we have answers to all of your questions.

What can we do?

TR system supports advertising, resume selection, interview invitation, online interview, pre-job training and teacher induction. For different recruitment needs, TR has a series of function combinations, which can be freely combined into your desired recruitment plan. Start recruiting in your own way!

Customize your need. TR’s intelligent resume screening system can filter unsuitable resumes.
Know teachers better. TR presents candidates’ self-introduction and teaching demo videos to you directly, more than working experience.
One-stop interview process. Have interviews with teachers in TR virtual classroom after sending interview invitation and appointing the time.
Spare yourself the follow-up tedious training work. The automatic on-boarding navigation system assists teachers to complete a full set of pre-job training, including personal information submission, familiarity with the school’s rules, teaching skill advice and guidance, final assessment, and so on.
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