Chemistry/Biology Teacher

Teach Abroad
1000~4000 US Dollar/Month
Job Highlights
1000~4000 US Dollar/Month
8~12 years old Average
18 student(s)
  • German
  • Chemistry
  • English, German
  • 08/2024
Working Hours
5 Days
5~80 Hours
8:00AM - 24:00PM
8:00AM - 24:00PM
8:00AM - 24:00PM
Job Description

The German European School Manila is a German School offering a fully bilingual K-12 program in Manila to German and international students. It is an IB World School, a Cambridge and EdExcel school, part of the UNESCO-ASPnet and a two-time recipient of the "Excellent German School Abroad" seal from German authorities

A secondary chemistry/biology teacher is responsible for educating students in grades 6-12 on various topics related to chemistry and biology. Their job involves:

  1. Planning and delivering engaging lessons that align with curriculum standards.
  2. Teaching fundamental concepts in chemistry and biology, such as atomic structure, chemical reactions, cellular biology, genetics, and ecology.
  3. Conducting laboratory experiments and demonstrations to enhance understanding and practical skills.
  4. Assessing student progress through tests, quizzes, projects, and assignments.
  5. Providing constructive feedback to students to support their academic growth.
  6. Maintaining a safe and orderly classroom environment conducive to learning.
  7. Collaborating with colleagues to develop interdisciplinary lessons and initiatives.
  8. Communicating with parents/guardians regarding student progress and academic concerns.
  9. Participating in professional development activities to stay updated on advancements in science education.
  10. Fostering a passion for science and curiosity in students through hands-on learning experiences and real-world applications.

Job Requirements
Minimum requirements
  • All nationalities accepted
  • Bachelor or above
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  • Less Than 1 Year
  • Yes
Other requirements
Speaks German (moderate to advanced levels, C1 Pref but not required), and english Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology, Education, or a related field. Some schools may require a degree specifically in education with a concentration in science. Teaching certification or licensure, which may vary depending on the state or country. This often involves completing an approved teacher education program and passing relevant exams. Strong knowledge of chemistry and biology concepts, theories, and principles, as well as proficiency in related laboratory techniques. Experience working with secondary school-aged students, either through student teaching, tutoring, or other relevant roles. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, to effectively convey complex scientific concepts to students and collaborate with colleagues and parents/guardians. Ability to create engaging lesson plans and instructional materials that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. Proficiency in classroom management techniques to maintain a positive and productive learning environment. Dedication to ongoing professional development and staying updated on advancements in science education and teaching methodologies. Passion for teaching and inspiring students to explore and appreciate the sciences. Compliance with background check and other requirements mandated by the school or district.
Job Benefit/Welfare

The successful candidate will receive additional benefits on-top of the base salary:
Medicine allowance
Travel Allowance
Rellocation allowance

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