7 Reasons to Teach English in China


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You can find a job as a teacher in all parts of the world. Why choose China?

China is a magical and fascinating country which has a number of teaching opportunities here. Whether you have teaching experience or not, you can find a satisfactory English teacher job. Check jobs for teaching in China.

I will specifically list the reasons why you cannot refuse to teach English in China.


Teaching English in China will open up more opportunities for your future career development. It is undeniable that when you leave your hometown and come to China, cultural differences will force you out of your comfort zone, but once you get used to a new environment, you will find more interesting things and be a better person.


In addition to giving you a good salary and a new life experience, you can also get many professional skills that can be converted into other professionals as an ESL teacher in China, such as public speaking skills, communication and interpersonal skills. These skills will give you great help even if you decide to give up your teaching career and enter a brand-new field.


In the eyes of most people, Chinese students always seem to be passive and quiet learning "nerds". This is exactly the opposite of the facts. Many Chinese students are full of energy and love English. They are very enthusiastic and grateful so that everything you do will get their sincere compliments. Furthermore, native English teachers are often respected and valued by the Chinese.


 As an ancient country with a history of 5,000 years, you have many opportunities to explore new things and get interesting experiences. Unlike most Western countries, China has 56 ethnic groups, which means you can experience different cultures in one country. This is also an important reason why so many adventurous teachers go to China to become ESL teachers.


You may feel insecure and worry about things going wrong in the first few weeks you just come to China. However, here you will meet all kinds of people and make friends with them, whether they are local Chinese or foreigners. Many Chinese are enthusiastic and sincere. They will invite you to be a guest at their home, and show you around the city, and even teach you how to speak Chinese.

 Here is how you can make connections while teaching English in China.


Don't worry that you will be lonely and helpless when you work abroad. Once you get to your workplace, you will get all the help you need. Whether it's handling the paperwork, getting a resident certificate from the police, or even opening a bank account, many schools will assign specialized staff to handle all the troublesome and trivial matters for you. In short, they will do everything to make you feel at home.


Chinese cuisine is an important reason for attracting many people to travel and work in China. Unlike the so-called Chinese restaurants in your country, you will taste authentic and delicious Chinese dishes such as dumplings, noodles and spring rolls in China. Even if you are not accustomed to the taste of Chinese food at first, I bet you will be crazy about it soon.


Why come to China to teach English? Is its ancient and mysterious culture, numerous teaching opportunities, passionate Chinese, or delicious Chinese cuisine? But one thing I can assure you is: you will never regret your choice!

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