Never Forget To Take Good Care Of Yourself When Teaching In China



You are just starting a new adventure overseas, and things you’ve done to settle down in China makes you feel tired in physically and mentally. And now the only thing you want to do is sitting on the sofa, opening your TV or playing on the phone. That’s fine at first since we all need to have a rest after hardworking. But you should not do that for a long time if you still care about your health. (both physical and mental) Getting off the sofa never makes people feel painful, and try to do some exercises for the sake of your health.





People always need time to adapt and get used to a strange environment. As an employee, you may not be able to change your working environment (such as decoration of the office), but you can change the apartment to what you like. Cleaning keeps the apartment clean and tidy, and placing the photos, paintings and other decorations brought from home in suitable places will make the apartment more comfortable to live in. You are likely to feel depressed living in a messy and gloom space.



If you don't like outdoor sports, joining a gym and health studio is a good choice. Doing your favorite sports regularly, such as yoga, TRX and HIFI, can help you stay healthy. In addition, professional guidance can also help you avoid injuries. And if you don't like to go out and are not good at dealing with other people, it is also good to buy some fitness equipment online and exercise at home, such as a treadmill and a yoga mat.



You may feel sad working and living overseas alone since all the family and friends are not around you (physically), but you should not give up your social life in China. Actually, Chinese people around you like your Chinese colleagues and neighbors, are always friendly and nice, and make friends with them will bring you an interesting and exciting experience in China. We all need friends no matter where we are all the time.



Never forget to invest in yourself! Keep learning not only helps to improve yourself but leave you no time to consider something unnecessary. Participate in training classes, such as dancing, singing, Chinese calligraphy and cooking, and you will find your life be more interesting and fulfilling.


Just keep moving!

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