How to Get a Certificate of No Criminal Convictions in China





Now, you have decided to end your work in China and return to your hometown. Your next employer is likely to ask you to provide a certificate of no crime during your stay in China to decide whether to give you a job opportunity. You can ask the Public Security Bureau in the city you live about the specific procedures for obtaining a certificate of no criminal conviction/police background check.

Here is some basic information:

 1.     Applying for the Certificate

You can access your policy records in China and apply for a certificate of no criminal conviction. Documents required by the local Public Security Bureau:

Ø  A passport with a Work Visa and Residence Permit (valid)

Ø  Work Permit document

Ø  A letter from your employer (including the description of what (position), when (working and end time), where (company location))

Ø  An employment contract

Ø  Processing fee


2.     Get a notarized translation (The original document is in Chinese.)

Ø  A passport with a Work Visa and Residence Permit

Ø  The original copy of the Certificate of No Criminal Convictions


You had better apply for the certificate before you left China or it’s very difficult to get one. But you can still get one if you have to leave China in advance.

Emergency plan: nominate a representative to apply on your behalf

The requirements are:

Ø  The documents listed above in “1”

Ø  Your representative’s national ID card

Ø  Your representative’s Hukou booklet

Ø  A power of attorney signed by you


(Tip: if your city in China refuses to accept your application, ask your school if they could issue an official notarized letter. The processing time of the application will be different for each city in China, so make sure you get a Certificate of No Criminal Convictions before your flight departs. For specific procedures, processing fees, and time, please contact the local Public Security Bureau.)


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