China's Travel Ban Policy and Visa Issues for Foreigners




From March 28, 2020, China has suspended the entry of most foreign citizens, which means that foreign citizens holding a residence permit cannot currently return to China. Therefore, there are a large number of foreigners working in China who are very concerned about how they will reenter China and manage the status of various certificates (like visas, work permits, and residence permits).


Here are some common questions with answers.


Q1    I have a valid business visa, can I still enter China now?

A1    It depends on when the business visa is issued:

Before March 28: No

After March 28: Yes


Q2    What is the special certificate issued by the Foreign Affairs Office?

A2    Also known as "M Visa" (Business Visit)

Validity period: 30 days-180 days


Q3    If my work permit and residence permit expire before the borders reopen, what should I do?

A3    Your Chinese employers will restart the work permit application so that foreign employees can apply for Z-Visa in the Chinese Embassy. When you reenter China, your Chinese employers will continue the work permit application and transfer the Z-Visa to the residence permit.


Q4    I was terminated by my Chinese employer, and can I still enter China with my valid work permit and residence permit?

A4    Absolutely no. Your residence permit will be cancelled after your employer cancels your work permit. And if you still hold a residence permit entering China, both of you and your employer will be punished.


Q5    Can I enter China holding a permanent resident ID?

A5    Yes. You can enter China under the travel ban.


Q6    Do I need to comply with the 14-day compulsory quarantine when entering China.

A6    Yes. You will undergo a 14-day centralized quarantine and 2 nucleic acid tests (once a week), and all the expenses should be paid by yourself.


Right now, teachers from some European countries can come back to work in China, and some schools offer PU Letter and other assistance to help you to get back. 

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