How to Reduce the Pressure When You Get Stressed in China

How to Reduce Stress - Teacher Record


Whether at work or in life, people always can feel all kinds of pressure. A moderate amount of pressure can keep your enthusiasm for work and even look for opportunities for promotion, but if the pressure exceeds the warning line, it will cause trouble in your life and even destroy your great chance to get improved.

If you always get stressed, you will need some skills to reduce stress levels.

Here are some tips for you to reduce your stress:

1.     Be open-minded

When people arrive in a new country, they will inevitably encounter culture shock. It means that you need a period of time to adapt to the new environment and culture when you teach in China to complete the assimilation. Keep an open mind at all times and embrace a new experience instead of rejecting it which will ensure you have a pleasant and interesting memory in China instead of a painful experience. Pay attention to the positive factors in your life and don't recall your negative experiences again and again for those annoying things that will make you feel pain, anger, and confusion.

2.  Create A Routine

Creating routines will keep your life organized. Although you may feel that you are doing similar things every day, you will find that your life is enriched by food, transportation, work or your accommodation so you have no time to worry about those in different things. At the same time, using routine helps you to create a normal state to live and work with a positive attitude, which allows you to adapt to your new life in China more quickly.

3. Turn Obstacles Into Goals

Language barriers may be the biggest obstacle many foreigners encounter when living abroad. When everyone around you can't understand what you are saying, you will find that you are in the boundless deep ocean and feel frustrated and scared.

In order to get rid of the dilemma, you need to transform obstacles into the motivation to learn a new language instead of heavy pressure. When you can give directions to taxi drivers or describe what you need from a shopkeeper in a vegetable market in Mandarin, you will find yourself more confident and able to overcome every obstacle in life and work than before.

4. Take A Deep Breath

There are always bad days when your car breaks down halfway, you send emails to the wrong customers, you miss the last subway train home, or your roommate eats your food without authorization. These unlucky things will increase your stress and you can't help knocking on your head.

Don't be impulsive, take a deep breath, and calm yourself down. Deep breathing may seem like a simple action, but it is very effective in preventing you from doing stupid things in a high-pressure environment.

5. Reward Yourself

After several weeks of hard work, you finally won a big order; submitted your plan one second before the deadline; ended a busy week of work; these are time worth rewarding and relaxing. The best way is to do what you like. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can ask your friends to go swimming or play basketball in the gym; if you are a food fanatic, you can go to the supermarket to buy ingredients to make a hearty lunch at home or go to a high-end French restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner. In short, you deserve it and enjoy it!

Besides the tips mentioned above, you can go out and make new connections in China

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