How To Make The Most Of Your Gap Year And Be Attractive To Employers

gap year


In recent years, more and more young people (18-25 years old) have decided to take a gap year to see the world and experience new things. Whether you want to take advantage of the gap year to work, travel, study or volunteer, you should think about how to make the most of it. Using the gap year to expand your skills, exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures will all benefit your future. But the point is, how should you use the gap year to make yourself stand out from the crowd when applying for a job?


Here are some suggestions.


  • Backpacking

People who dares to take a backpacking always give people a great impression like being independent, mature and adventurous. Try to add some activities like organizing a special course will help to highlight your characters. Check out here to find out HOW TRAVEL HELP YOU TO GET A GREAT JOB

  • Volunteering

Mentioning your volunteer service in the CV helps to show your potential employers that you have courage, determination and compassion. And don’t forget to highlight your role and achievements.

  • Working

You can mention the skills and qualification gained from the job. Almost all employers like candidates with working experience.

  • Studying

Like you have used the gap year to learn a new language and achieved a high level. Being able to speak two (or more) languages is a useful skill in all kinds of careers. Other skills such as planning, sales and management are also very attractive in the CV.

  • Never leave a gap on your CV

Even though you do not study to get specific skills or get a job to gain working experience, including some “soft” skills in your travel like cross-cultural communication skills matters. Never leave a gap, or employers will think that you’ve wasted all the gap year without any passion.


Actually, as long as you do not use the gap year playing computers or on your phone all the time and have done something meaningful, you will always have something valuable to write down on your resume by using some strategies.

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