Is It Possible for Expats to Take A Part-time Job While Working or Studying in China?

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Finding a part-time job in China does not allow you to get a work visa (Z-VISA), but you can find some "loopholes" since there is no Chinese law that specifically prohibits foreigners from doing part-time jobs in China.


Can International students find part-time jobs?

Yes. Before 2020, only international students in Beijing and Shanghai will be allowed to find part-time or internship jobs outside the school. But now international students from universities all over China can do part-time jobs during their studies in China.


What part-time jobs can foreigners do?

The most common part-time jobs are foreign language teachers and foreign language interpreters or translators. You can also make good use of your strengths and skills to find other jobs that you are good at and interested in, such as being a model, fitness coach, or marketing intern.


How to find a part-time job in China?

There are many job hunters in China looking for foreign language teachers (especially English teachers) and international students are their key target group. If you really like the education industry, it’s easy for you to find a part-time teaching job. But if you do not have any interest in teaching positions, you can also search for a part-time job through university part-time websites, WeChat (similar to WhatsApp), or even search with a browser (maybe Google).



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