Tips For Your Solo Trip In Asia As A Female

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Many unsuspecting people always label Asia as "dangerous" and include it in the list of "not suitable for women to travel alone". In fact, women alone in Asian countries are no more dangerous than traveling in countries in Europe or North America. The most stereotyped impression of women is vulnerable and need to be protected. What a stupid idea! Women are also able to use wisdom to complete a great solo trip.


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Here are some tips for female who travel alone in Asia.


1. Safety

Absolutely yes, Asia is very safe. To travel to any country, it is necessary to understand the local social norms and customs. Generally speaking, Asians tend to dress more conservatively than Westerners so you had better to avoid wearing overly revealing clothing in ordinary public places, such as miniskirts and a backless top. (Except in some specific places, such as the beach) In addition, you should take measures to prevent your belongings or money from being stolen like travelling in any other places, such as not putting your wallet in the back pocket of your jeans. Furthermore, fill in your contact information at the local embassy to ensure timely rescue in emergencies such as natural disasters and civil strife.


2. Transportation

Probably the hardest part of traveling alone is to reach your destination safely and efficiently on your own, especially if you are traveling in a non-English speaking country. You'd better remember the pronunciation your destination’s name in the local language in advance for most of the time you can successfully reach the right place by taking a bus, subway or taxi. But plan B is also unnecessary since there are always places without public transportation. Preparing maps in advance or download offline maps on electronic devices to prevent yourself from getting lost. But try to let yourself calm down if you are unfortunately lost. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for help. They are always friendly, kind-hearted and are willing to give you a hand.


3. Hygiene

The hygiene concepts and habits of Asians are quite different from those of Westerners. Perhaps the most unbearable thing for many Westerners is that most public toilets do not provide toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and street food stalls do not provide napkins, even if those snacks are really delicious. Therefore, make sure you carry a pack of paper towels, a bottle of portable hand sanitizer and some disinfectant wipes with you. Furthermore, the weather in Asia is usually hot and wet, so remember to stock up on sunscreen and bug spray.


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4. Solo

Traveling alone does not mean giving up all human contact. Choosing a trusted hotel, talking with other travelers about fun in a tasteful bar, or simply chatting with a bartender or taxi driver may allow you to meet your lifelong friend. If you are not very good at talking face to face with other people, try to use social software to find friends with common interests, such as What's APP and Facebook. However, don't casually accept meeting invitations from netizens. If you are an extremely introvert and do not want to make new friends, remember to keep in touch with your family and friends to let them know that you are safe.



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