Five Things You Will Know When Teaching In China

Teach in China


Before you leave for China, you ought to consider what you should bring as well as what you should leave behind, such as prejudice and discrimination. In order to enjoy your teaching life in China, you should be prepared both materially and psychologically. Just be open-minded and have fun in China.


Live in a great century

Most Westerners don’t understand Chinese history, so they don’t know that in the past 40 to 50 years, most Chinese have lived a hard life. But using their wisdom and hard work, China have risen rapidly in just a few decades and modernized at lightning speed. Now is the best time, everything is developing and getting better and better. To find out more information for teaching in China here


Know the different social etiquette

You must recognize the fact that the social norms and etiquette of different cultures will be different. Don’t be bothered by behaviors that you think are very “rude” or “impolite” in China. For example, some Chinese people don’t often say “please” or “thank you” in Chinese. In fact, not saying “honorifics” to friends is a symbol of affirmation. Learn to be open minded and appreciate differences.


Build relationships

In China, you will hear the word very often, "GUANG XI", which is one of China's core culture. Specifically, this means that you should establish good relationships with your colleagues and friends, otherwise you may not be able to do anything. Find opportunities to chat with your colleagues and reach out to them when they need it. It is a good way to show your friendliness and generosity. Chinese people attach great importance to the custom of courtesy, so all your efforts will be rewarded.


Recognize the Differences

You know, not everyone likes/accustomed to eating cheese, especially the “smelly” blue cheese. Rather than mocking others for not knowing the deliciousness of cheese, why not try to explain the source and method of cheese to them? At the same time, keep an open mind to new things and don't be biased against anything you don't understand. Maybe you will be crazy about those strange "fried silkworm ".


Enjoy the Real Chinese food

Please wake up! The so-called "Chinese food" you taste in Chinese restaurants in the United States or Chinatown is not REAL. They are all "Western Chinese food" that has been improved to suit the taste of epacts. In China, the diversity of food may be more than geographical one, and you will find a lot of authentic and delicious Chinese food if you are brave to explore.

Can't read the Chinese menu? Try reaching out your finger to point at the food on the table of other diners when you are ready to order?


In people’s life, every trip away from home is a new adventure, which will bring you interesting and meaningful new experiences. Open your mind, manage your emotions, and you will enjoy your teaching life in China.

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