Tips Help You To Find a Good TEFL School


We have already discussed how to choose an accredited TEFL certification course, but before that, many people will have the question like, "How should I choose a reliable TEFL school?" You may have searched on Google for "the best TEFL school", but found that you can’t choose the one that suits you best from hundreds or even thousands of TEFL schools.


Now, we will provide you with some guidelines.

A good TEFL school should:

  • Have a team of expert advisors

That’s, when you call a TEFL school, there should be an expert advisor available for answering your questions about teaching English abroad. He/she should know the teaching market (like the demand of ESL teachers and the average salary) and visa regulations of different countries.

  • Provide useful information and resources

A good TEFL school usually offer information and resources about TEFL courses/certification on their website for teachers’ reference.

Their courses must meet international standards, including (we’ve mentioned specifically before)

  • 100 hours of courses (at least)
  • 6 hours of practicum (at least)
  • A qualified instructor (Master Degree in related fields, like TEFL and TESOL)
  • An accredited curriculum
  • Provide guidance about job-hunting

The main reason why you enroll in a TEFL class is that you want to get a great ESL job abroad. A good TEFL school will assist you to vet out schools and prepare required documents/materials for job & visa application. Sharing you with a job link is not enough.

  • Create alumni network

When you finally get an ESL job you like with the help of the advisor and plan to fly abroad soon, you may think about a question “How can I make some friends abroad?” or even worry about it. If you enroll in a good TEFL school, they are likely to connect you with the teachers who have taught abroad (the country you’re going to teach) through their alumni network. Making connections in advance will make you feel more at ease since you know you are not alone.


Even if choosing a good TEFL school is likely to cost you more, the reward you get is more effective guidance and more opportunities to find a satisfactory job.

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