5 Chinese Customs that You Are not Familiar With



Whether you plan to stay in China for 3 months or 3 years, familiarity with some of the special customs in China will greatly facilitate your life and work in China. Understanding the culture of a country allows you to integrate into local life more quickly.


1.     After the meal there will be a "war" about paying the bill

Most Westerners are accustomed to splitting the bill after meals, but for the Chinese, splitting the bill shows that you are "stingy" or even in "poverty." In Chinese culture, paying the bill shows that you value and respect your friends/family/lovers and this kind of "quarrel" after a meal is a polite behavior.


2.     Don't open the gift directly in front of the person who gave it to you

The Chinese are much more modest and reserved than Westerners, and they are not accustomed to see others opening gifts directly in front of them because they are worried about being embarrassed in case you don't like what they give. Therefore, unless they take the initiative to ask you to open the gift, you'd better return to your home and see what good things you have got.


3.     The Chinese are very keen on anti-sacking

Especially Chinese female, they prefer pale skin color to healthy wheat color so that you can see umbrellas, sunglasses and hats everywhere in China, even if the sun is still hidden in the clouds. (Ultraviolet rays are everywhere!)


4.     Drink more "hot water"

The Chinese believe that cold or ice water can cause harm to the body (especially the stomach), so most Chinese restaurants supply hot or warm water. When you feel uncomfortable (physically), your Chinese friends are likely to say to you "Drinking more hot water will make you feel better."


5.     Dress in red during the Spring Festival

Red is a festive color for the Chinese, and if you happen to be in your zodiac year, according to tradition you need to wear red underwear to avoid bad luck.


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