Teaching Abroad will Help Your Career

teach abroad


Want to travel around the world and have a real adventure, but have not taken any action?

Waiting will make you miss a lot of wonderful things. Sitting in a cubicle, dreaming that one day you can save enough money to travel the world is unrealistic. But if now you have a chance to realize your dream, why not?

Teaching abroad will not only make a lot of money to realize your dreams, but also help your future career since your working and life experience abroad always matter a lot.

What a great thing! Take action now!


1. Becoming more adaptable.


Leaving your home to work in a foreign country means you need to adapt to the new environment so as to integrate into local life and work more quickly.

At the same time, the process of adaptation will make you be more open-minded and adaptable. People from different countries may have completely different views on the same thing based on different cultures, values and thinking patterns. Living overseas can broaden your horizons, cultivate your critical thinking, and help you to change some narrow views or prejudices.


2. Learning how to work with people from different cultures.


Working with people from different cultural backgrounds, you will learn various ways of working, and more importantly, you will acquire strong communication skills in the process of cooperation, which will play a very important role in your career development.

If you are lucky enough to work in a multinational company, work team is usually composed of professionals from all over the world so that you have chance to know the “exclusive secret” of intercultural communication.


3. Speaking a second (or even third) language.


As a universal language in the world, English can help you live and work almost anywhere in the world. Really mastering a foreign language is completely different from using translation software since those apps often have translation errors.

Learning to speak Chinese (as your second foreign language) will bring you great advantages. China's foreign trade industry is developing rapidly as many countries have trade relations with China in recent years. Therefore, the demand for Chinese-speaking talents has surged in many international companies. If you write down "Second Foreign Language: Chinese" on your resume, it will help you stand out from a group of competitors. While if you work in China, this may give you more opportunities for promotion for you can not only be an ESL teacher teaching English for students but also a manager. 


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