Benefits for An Expat to Live in China

live in China


Life as an Expat in China is life changing. Discover the benefits of being an expat in China, one of the world's most exciting forward thinking countries


Before moving to China, many foreigners were worried about various issues, "Is the Chinese friendly? Will I be discriminated against in China?" "Can I survive in China if I don't speak Chinese?" "Can I really adapt to the new environment?".

In fact, for some of the benefits that foreigners will enjoy in China, not only are these worries unnecessary, but also there are some benefits you can enjoy as an expat in China.




The 21st century is the era of China. With the rapid development of economy and education, China is currently at the forefront of technology. Smart phones, drones, VR, 3D printing, high-speed rail, genetic engineering, etc., it’s possible for you to use these high-tech products in your daily life. These technologies can also allow you to bring fun into the classroom, such as leading students to experience 3D printing, which can make them excited within a second.




Have never been to China before and have many misunderstandings about China? Isn't it a good thing to correct your family or friends' wrong views about China, clarify rumors, let them know what China really looks like, and show them a wonderful world?

Living and working in China not only gives you the opportunity to learn about ancient Chinese culture, but also allows you to become a travel ambassador. Your parents and friends will be very happy to have a "China Pass" to take them to explore the beautiful scenery of China and eat the delicious Chinese food.




With a superior geographical location and a well-developed transportation system, you can easily travel anywhere in Asia when living in China. If you want to explore China, you can go to famous domestic tourist cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Sanya, etc. While if you prefer to go abroad, attractive Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc. are your good choices. Compared to living in your own country, you will spend less money travelling to more countries.




In the past ten years, more and more foreigners have chosen to immigrate to China, which means that working in China, you will have the opportunity to make friends with different culture background from all over the world, not just Chinese!

Chatting in a coffee shop, grilling on the beach, walking in the park, etc. communicating with friends is also a process of cultural exchange. Besides, these activities will also help you build a deep friendship.




You don't need to spend a lot of money to take Chinese classes since there are Chinese teachers wherever you go which is a great advantage of learning Chinese in China. Even if English has become an international language, it does not mean that everyone you meet can speak or understand English. This makes you have to work hard to communicate with others in Chinese in your daily life. In this way, you are able to learn a lot of new vocabulary, phrases and sentence patterns unconsciously. Practice makes perfect.


 People are always afraid of the unknown. Only when you come to China will you find that friendly Chinese people are everywhere, the city is clean and safe, and learning Chinese is not that difficult!

If you are still considering whether to move to China or not, stop it and make up your mind. There are many surprises waiting for you here! You will never regret moving to China, I promise.



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