Things You Need To Know About Finding a Job With Social Media

social media


With the popularity of social media networks, many recruiters will post job information on these channels, which means you can also successfully find a job in this way.


Here are tips about how you can find jobs:


First, you need to know some social networking sites/platforms/applications that post job information.

  • LinkedIn

You only need to simply register a LinkedIn account and upload your resume file so that everyone can see your education, experience, expertise and skills on this platform.

(Tip: Editing attractive titles and uploading real photos will make you more attractive.)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Not just follow or retweet users, you can also post tweets to promote yourself.

  • Blogs

A good way to show your skills, share your experience and knowledge to let people know you’re an expert in the specific field. You have something!

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest


Next, you should know how to make your social media work for you.

  • Clean up your social media

Delete the “unproper” posts and photos that employers do not expect to see.

  • Use comment and tags.

If you post something related to the job, tagging them will make it easy for your potential employers to find you.

  • Try online meeting

Dynamic communication will leave a deeper impression.

  • Choose a suitable account

Limited time and energy do not allow you to operate too many accounts, so you'd better choose 1 or 2 common accounts that suits your skills and goals.

  • Active contact

If you have a company or platform eager to cooperate, it is a good choice to take the initiative.

  • Combine words and images

It will make your “stories” more vivid.

  • Be willing to give a hand

Answering questions and sharing related experience online helps you build a professional image.

  • Be patient.

It takes time to build a network.

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