Tips Help to Be Hired in China as An Expat

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China's growing economy and technology attract international students and talents from all over the world, which has created fierce job competition in China. And improving your chances of being hired in China requires you to understand the Chinese job market, your strengths and weaknesses.


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The Reasons for recruiting foreign employees

Foreign employees will bring new perspectives, expertise and business wisdom to inject new vitality into the company to help to:

Achieve globalization

Improve competitiveness in the international market


Foreign employees the Chinese companies want: (characteristics)

Be adaptable, open-minded, culturally aware and committed

Have team spirit

Have professional ethics

(Some Chinese companies complain that a few of their foreign employees chose to leave when they received an offer with a higher-salary even though they just have worked for a short time.)


Some common mistakes the foreign candidates often make:

Deliver a plain CV without a profile picture

(Although people are discouraged to add a picture on their resume, Chinese companies prefer to see that. And a well-decorated CV will leave a good impression since appearance matters here in China. Just do as the locals do.)


Skills to improve chances to be hired

A well-decorated resume with a headshot

Tailor the resume to the specific position (highlight the related skills and working experience)

Make a good impression at the interview (positive body language and proper dress)

Show your intentions to a long-term work

Show your Mandarin skills


The challenges in working in HR (Human Resource):

Difficult to find qualified applicants with specific skills

Keep competent employees from leaving

(Chinese companies often provide higher salaries and more benefits to win the qualified candidates.)


Foreign candidates with HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) certification:

HSK, translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test used in China, which is the standardized test of Standard Chinese (Mandarin) language proficiency of China for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese. (from Wikipedia) Getting HSK certificate helps to show your Mandarin skills to the potential employers. Chinese companies like foreign employees who are able to communicate with the team so as to get all things done. And for the employees, you will have more chances to be promoted. (maybe a managerial position)


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