12 Tips for You to Increase Your Chances in the Interview

Interview tips-Teacher Record


Even if the Chinese market provides a lot of jobs for expats, who doesn't like a good position? So how to stand out among so many applicants? You ought to know some skills to improve your chances in an interview.


1. Mind your body language

Non-verbal cues like eye contact and smiling are helpful to show your confidence and engage. Never let yourself look desperate!


2. Do research on the company

Make sure you know the company’s main business, cultures and major achievements, and try to mention it in your interview to show that you’re really interested in the company.


3. Simulate your interview in advance

Make sure you are able to introduce yourself fluently and confidently, and know how to answer the potential questions.


4. Arrive early

Plan to arrive at the interview site 20-30 minutes earlier so you will have enough time to calm yourself down before the interview. And never be late.


5. Dress smart

For most of the time, you’d better choose suit and formal clothing. (If it’s an interview for a fashion company, be fashionable.


6. Do not drink too much coffee

Caffeine may make you be more nervous. Try to drink a bottle of water.


7. Switch you phone to silent

We do not recommend you to turn off your phone, but make sure your phone will not be on loud if you plan to show the interviewers a video or a piece of vocal work.


8. Slow your speech

Speaking too fast will make it hard for the interviewers to hear you clearly and get your point. Slow it down will be a great help to give a considered responses.


9. Tell the truth

If you lie about your abilities and skills, you are likely to answer some professional questions based on the specific fields. Nobody will hire a liar.


10. Ask questions about the company

It will show your concern about the company and every employer love to talk about their companies!


11. Ask for the feedback

It will not only help you to judge whether you are likely to get the position, but also improve your interview skills.


12. Don’t forget to say “Thank You.”

Even if you are possible to be informed “not suitable for the position”, don’t forget to say “Thank You” to show your politeness.


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