How to Use Your Teaching Experience in Your Interview

Tips for a Job Interview - Teacher Record


"Please tell me about your..." This is a difficult question about teaching experience that many people will encounter during interviews of online English teaching jobs. Your potential employer wants to find details from your answers to determine whether you are the best candidate for this position. In a tense interview, it is not easy to come up with a suitable and perfect answer that will demonstrate ability in a short time. Preparing a few reliable solutions in advance can make the interviewers be more confident and give a good answer in the interview.

1. Please briefly describe your most challenging experience

Example answer: "I once taught 35 students of 5th grade in a class. Three students often made trouble in class to attract my attention. And another two students always failed to understand new concepts correctly, and slowly lost interest in learning English."

2. What do you think about your role in this situation

Example answer: "I must solve the different problems of the students in the class separately, give them the correct guidance, and let them reintegrate into the classroom."

3. Please specify your implementation method

Example answer: "I take the initiative to talk to the naughty students after class, tell them clearly that mischief in class will affect the teacher's teaching and other students' learning, and explain to them the importance of learning English. In addition, I remind them that if they do this again, I will inform the parents of the "bad things" they did in class. For those children struggling with new concepts, I provide them with one-on-one tutoring in my free time, using simpler and clearer examples to help them understand abstract concepts and give them some extra homework."

4. Is your solution effective? The result is?

Example answer: "Yes, they are very effective. Through one-to-one special guidance, the two students re-established their confidence in learning English and achieved good results in the mid-term test. Regarding those naughty children, they are no longer disrupt the classroom and trying to concentrate on learning."

Tips for a Job Interview:

²  When answering the interviewer’s question, try to give specific numbers or details, which will make your answer more convincing and reliable.

²  Ensure that your answers are concise and relevant so that the interviewer can find your value in a limited time and learn about your professional abilities and skills.

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