Tips to Create an Online Classroom without Costing you a Lot

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As traditional classroom teachers transition into online teaching jobs and having to work from home, they may still be figuring out how to get their teaching space up to snuff. Veteran online teachers, who may have already mastered how to make money online as a side hustle or part-time job, could also be yearning for new ways to breathe life into their teaching spaces, but don’t know where to begin.


1.     Rearrange your furniture

Makeover does not mean spending money. Sometimes you only need to adjust the position of the furniture to get a larger activity space and a new environment, and it is economical and efficient.

Most teachers prefer to choose a room that will not expose too much privacy as an online classroom, such as a study room or a game room. But if you have to choose your own bedroom to set up the classroom (there is only one room.), you need to carefully adjust the position of the furniture and objects and check the camera's shooting range.


2.     Assess your organization and storage

Experienced online teachers can always flexibly use various props and tools to attract students' attention and improve their classroom participation. One thing cannot be ignored is that you need some space to put these props, so you need to pack your clothes in the closet and use big boxes to store all the clutter rather than let them scattered on the sofa, desk, or even your bed!

For props, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy them. In fact, there are many things around you to use, such as placing ceramic puppets on your desk, hanging a few collages on the wall, or placing a cute doll next to you. Besides, place teaching props (such as word cards) neatly on shelves or other containers so that you can get them whenever you need them.


3.     Improve your lighting

Lighting is also a major factor you need to consider when rearranging furniture. You can consider using natural lighting to illuminate your space, or you can choose to draw your curtains and use electric lights to create a bright teaching environment.

When students can clearly see the teacher and teaching materials on the screen, they will be more engaged in learning. Use sufficient lighting to create a bright online classroom for students, so that every student can clearly see your sweet smile. Please try to remove the shadows on your face and background.


4.     Reboot your background

At any time, the whiteboard is the best background for your teaching, because it can not only clearly reflect your face, but also protect your personal privacy. If your wall has obvious stains that cannot be removed, you can use a whole piece of white paper or white cloth to directly cover the entire background.

If you think white is too monotonous, you can try to hang a few pictures on the wall (pay attention to reflections), or do some graffiti directly on it. In short, just make sure you have a clean and beautiful background

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