Tips for Your Transition to Teaching English Online

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Flexible working hours, working from home, short-term or long-term contracts are the advantages of online English jobs. Nowadays a number of job opportunities are offered by online education companies such as GoGoKid, online English teaching is no longer an untouchable dream for traditional teachers. It can be a part-time job to supplement teachers' income, or it can also be a full-time job after the transition in an online classroom.

You can find a high-paying job that satisfies you without teaching experience, or if you have a plan to teach English abroad, online teaching will let you know the real teaching situation in advance.

Of course, the transition to online teaching is not as simple as logging on to a website and watching videos. A teacher with rich teaching experience will also encounter challenges from online teaching. But don't worry, there are many solutions.

We are honored to have Emily, a VIPKid teacher, who will clarify most people's misunderstandings about online English teaching and provide you with some useful skills for you to successfully transition to an online classroom.

Overcoming communication issues or language barriers

The language barrier is a major challenge in ESL teaching. If you have ever been an ESL teacher online, you should be aware of the difference between dealing with knowledge online and in person. In the classroom, students can discuss together and find a solution. But if you just use a microphone and a computer screen, you and a child who can't understand you often face an awkward silence.

It is very important for ESL to deal with the problems caused by the language barrier. You should learn to be patient, slow down, and use body language, videos, and teaching props to make students understand what you are saying, such as an advanced vocabulary.

 Understanding cultural differences

Most people feel no stranger to culture shock. However, it is necessary to be prepared all the time, especially if this is the first time you have worked with someone from another country. Think about how you react to surprising things your students say. Showing your curiosity and surprise is acceptable, but you must avoid negative judgment or even discrimination. What you think is particularly strange may only be a small part of students' daily life. Your inappropriate reaction will make your students feel uncomfortable and even alienate you.

Keep an open mind and listen carefully to your students, and you will eventually know a lot of cultural differences.

Mastering online teaching technology

I believe many teachers know or have even experienced a situation that feeling extremely unprepared in a classroom full of students. In this regard, online teaching cannot prevent similar situations from happening from time to time. However, the use of reliable computers and the powerful Internet allows you to control the online classroom. In addition to mastering the basics, you should also learn how to use the electronic teaching tools on the teaching platform, which will not only improve your confidence but also make you look more professional. There is no doubt that you need to take the time to figure out these technologies, but it is worth it to be an attractive teacher who can manage the classroom well.

Adapting to the spotlight

You may be used to standing in front of people all day, but what if your face has to be exposed on the screen for hours? Will you feel uncomfortable? The good news is that time will familiarize you with this situation and finally make you no longer feel embarrassed.

To help you through this difficult transition period, please choose the right background and adjust the camera angle so that you can be seen clearly. At the same time, assign enough tasks to the students so that they will not have too much time staring at the screen.

Props are your other ultimate teaching weapon. A variety of creative and substantial props can be your great teaching resources which are helpful for online teaching.

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