How to Make eLearning Content Alive for Your Students?



Who makes learning content active in the Internet age?

Judith Christian Carter, the genius of creating e-books!

An e-book is composed of many pages, including text and pictures. These contents are basically delivered to learners in a linear manner, direct but boring! Learners have very few opportunities to interact with the content and ask or answer questions when reading/learning these contents.


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So, how to make the content come alive?

Two approaches to e-learning design:

  1. Focus on content (such as topics and fields)
  2. Focus on the context (put the content in the context)

In this regard, we strongly recommend the second method. Let us work together to save the people trapped by boring e-learning content!


You need to:

  • Know your students (including their learning needs and learning goals)
  • Select necessary/required learning content
  • Break the content into small understandable modules
  • Extract what students want
  • Simplify/concretize abstract concepts
  • Build new ideas and concepts (based on existing content)
  • Create attractive and relevant content (such as case studies and role playing)
  • Provide opportunities for learners (such as allowing them to raise questions)
  • Check the student's learning achievement (whether they achieve the expected goal)
  • Provide effective and specific feedback


Content is undoubtedly important, but if students are not interested in the learning content you provide, learning will lose its true meaning. People always hope that they can control grow-related things, including learning. Make e-learning content active, and you will see a better learning result.

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