Will Online Education Become the Future of Education?

future of education


COVID-19 has forced traditional teachers using new technologies to move their classrooms online. After a flustered preparation time, online teaching proceeded smoothly. This made many teachers think about the question, “Is online teaching the future of education?”


The impact of COVID-19 on online learning

As early as ten years before the outbreak of COVID-19, online learning is steadily developing. According to statistics, global investment in educational technology (ed-tech) reached 18.66 billion US dollars in 2019.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for online learning has grown substantially, which has led to a further increase in spending on language applications and video conferencing tools (such as Class-in and Zoom) by individuals and education providers. This also creates more online teaching jobs.

Furthermore, compared to expensive offline education (which may be interrupted or cancelled at any time during the pandemic), online education provides learners with greater flexibility to make sure they can have a class anytime they want.


The challenges facing teachers

Online teaching has well replaced traditional face-to-face teaching during the virus outbreak, but online courses also require learners to have learning equipment (such as laptops or desktop computers) and a stable network connection. However, "How about those students who lack electronic devices and internet connections so that they cannot participate in online classes? How should the government ensure the fairness of education?"

Therefore, in order to ensure the learning of students who do not have access to technology, many schools set up temporary learning sites for teachers to keep in touch with those students. Although this can temporarily solve the problem, it also brings more work and psychological burden to teachers. Here are some tips for teachers to transit to teach English online



The role big tech could play in the future.

During the epidemic, in order to ensure the personal safety of students, schools have to cancel offline learning activities, which requires schools with backward equipment to upgrade their hardware and software to meet the needs of online education. And these technologies will be provided by major technology companies to help schools' online education work smoothly.

Of course, the investment in technology is not short-lived. High-tech educational equipment allows teachers to teach mixed courses in schools, such as recording the course of class in real time, and uploading it to the Internet for more students to learn.

At the same time, online teaching is conducive to improving teachers' teaching skills and helping them master some necessary computer knowledge.




Whether online education is the future of education, we cannot be completely sure. But the continued prosperity of the online education market is an undeniable fact.

With the development of science and technology, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is a trend, and nothing can stop it.


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