Five Useful Techniques for English Learning

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If you teach English to adults, you are likely to often hear them complain that it is difficult to coordinate English learning time and daily routines. So how to help your students successfully achieve their English learning goals in their busy lives? Here are some methods.


1. Set appropriate learning goals

Don't set goals that seem dreamy but difficult to achieve, and make sure that the learning goals are concrete, realistic and achievable.


2. Schedule practice time

The best way to learn English is "practice, practice and practice". Learners should arrange a certain amount of practice time to ensure they master new language knowledge and use them correctly.


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3. Make the most of downtime

For office workers, time is squeezed out. Why not try to review vocabulary and listen to English listening while waiting for the bus?


4. Make a to-do list

It has been proven to be an effective way to increase productivity. Complete the tasks on the list one by one, and you will find that you’ve done lots of useful things to improve your English.


5. Track the learning progress

A good way is to use testing to get learning feedback and see where you can improve (maybe a new strategy can be tried?) Through the feedback, you will also find the bad habits when learning English. Try to correct it/them.


You know, improving efficiency is always a good way to save time. No matter how busy you are, mastering effective learning methods will enable you to achieve your learning goals. No one does not like success, right?



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