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Shanghai is a modern, exciting city with the largest expat population in mainland China, as well as an abundance of teaching jobs. Shanghai is also the ideal teaching location for those that are interested in meeting people from all over the world. Living in Shanghai gives you access to western food, clothing, and a strong foreign social scene. The nightlife is also huge in Shanghai - they have everything from college style bars to upscale clubs, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Shanghai can also be a great place to raise kids. The city offers access to English medium international schools, sports teams/clubs for adults and kids, as well as numerous family-friendly activities year-round.

There are many teaching opportunities offered in Shanghai, and teaching is a great way to immerse yourself in Chinese culture. Shanghai schools are constantly in need of teachers, which is perfect if you’re looking to live in a tier 1 city! Teaching English in Shanghai provides access to many travel opportunities throughout Asia, as well as many nearby places to explore during your time off.

As of 2020, there are over 173 schools in China that use the IB curriculum, many of which are located in major cities such as Shanghai. This equates to thousands of IB teaching positions, many of which are available to foreign teachers.

What does Shanghai have to offer?

  1. Everything can be delivered right to your door
  2. A variety of convenience stores with hilarious employees
  3. Tailors that can create anything you want for a fraction of the traditional price
  4. Brunch is a must
  5. Shanghai is full of entrepreneurs 
  6. It's referred to as the 'Paris of the East'
  7. The Bund tourist tunnel


More Interesting Facts About Shanghai:

  • Shanghai is the world’s largest city
  • Shanghai has been named the most attractive city for expats
  • Shanghai has the longest metro system in the world
  • Shanghai has become a cultural melting pot and world finance center
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