How to Get A Driving License in China



--Can I drive in China mainland with an IDP (International Driving Permit), or licenses issued by Hong Kong,   

   Macau and Taiwan?

---Nope, you cannot.

---Then, how I can dive with my driving license legally in China?

---And now I am going to tell you how you can get a driving license while working in China.

There are two types of driving permits: temporary driving permit and permanent driving permit.

For Temporary International Driving Permits (no test and valid for 3 months)

If you come to China for travelling or plan to work and teach in China for a short time, getting a temporary driving permit would be a good choice.


The documents required for a temporary driving license.

Ø  National driver’s license.

Ø  International Driving Permit.

Ø  Chinese translation of the foreign driver’s license

Ø  Completed application forms

Ø  A hotel booking (at least 1 day)

Ø  3 color photos (1-inch, white background)


With all these documents, you can go to the local Traffic Police Department to apply for one.


For Permanent Driving's License (with test and valid 6 years)

The test paper consists of 100 questions (multiple-choice questions and true or false), and you will be given 45 minutes to complete it. The content includes relevant knowledge of driving theory, road safety laws and regulations, and local regulations in China. You should get at least 90 points (100 points in total) to pass the test. But if you fail in the first place, there is another chance for you without paying extra.


The documents required for a temporary driving license.

Ø  A valid passport and residence permit (original and photocopy)

Ø  Record of temporary residence (original and photocopy)

Ø  The driving license (original and photocopy)

Ø  Chinese translation of the driver’s license

Ø  Health certificate

Ø  3-5 color photos (1-inch, white background)


It would be great and very convenient to get a driving license. However, public transportation in China is very convenient and fast. 

 And if you are planning to go back to China, teachers from some European countries are allowed to go back. Check here to find out the list of countries that are allowed to go back. 


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