How To Keep Your Diets As A Vegetarian In China



When you start working and living in China, you will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of food, and quickly lose control and ignore your previous healthy diet.

Health issues are the killer of a happy life abroad, so you will need some skills to build up a healthy diet in China, especially if you are a vegetarian.



In China, you will rarely meet a vegetarian since most Chinese people cannot live without meat. But don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, you can buy all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains local vendors, which will be much cheaper than buying in supermarkets. If you choose to eat in a restaurant, you can easily ask for some meat-free dishes, such as fried vegetables and tofu, or go directly to a vegetarian restaurant to avoid all kinds of meat "threats."



For health and environmental reasons, although many Chinese are not purely “vegetarians”, they sometimes eat in vegetarian restaurants, which has led to the rise of many vegetarian restaurants, such as Epermarket and Go Vegan.

If you do not choose to go to a vegetarian restaurant or your city does not have one, you can still find a lot of delicious "unexpected vegan" in Chinese restaurants. If you tell the waiter that "I want any meat." (Just keep it simple, "bu yao rou" in Chinese) and they will give you some.

Of course, the best and healthiest way is to purchase food and cook by yourself at home.


Gluten Free

Don't worry if you can't buy gluten-free products in China. In fact, you can buy gluten-free bread, biscuits and others in many large supermarkets or import stores. Many online stores and western restaurants also provide gluten-free food, and various grains and legumes can also be easily found in the local market, and you will buy them at a low price.

(Tip: If you are worried that you cannot find a vegetarian restaurant in a strange place, I suggest you bring some nuts or fruits with you to support yourself until you find one.)


In short, don't let your eating habits stop your plan to move to China. Everything you need is here.

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