Working in China: Something You Should Know About the Contract



When you start teaching or working in China, it is very necessary to sign a contract with the company or school you are working for, which would be a very helpful weapon to protect your own rights. But do you know what items you should be care of while you are signing the contract, here are some tips for you:


1 Check your contract carefully, especially the English version.

Generally speaking, every clause/item in an employment contract is based on the Chinese version, while the English version is just a copy of the Chinese one. If you are not proficient in Chinese, you‘d better ask your Chinese friends for help since the English version is usually not as accurate as the Chinese one. (Maybe there are some traps?)


2 Sign a legal employment contract with the employer within a month after work.

If your employer does not sign a contract with you within one month, you will be paid twice the monthly salary in accordance with the "China’s Labor Law".


3 Keep an original employment contract

Employers in China usually deliver a job offer letter to the potential employees, and foreigners will receive an English offer letter including some items. But the official contract may not cover all mentioned in the offer latter. Just be careful!


4 Make sure that the final version of the contract is the same as the version you agreed.


5 Before the contract expires, the employer does not need to sign a new contract during the employee's medical care, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Your employer has the right to decide whether to extend the contract.


6 If the employer fails to enforce the employment contract, ask MOHRSS for help.

For example, reducing female employees’ wages or positions during pregnancy.



Never borrow money (or other kinds of help) from your employer under economic hardship.

Behaviors of this kind will make them feel that you are a person who has no plan and cannot handle economic problems well, thus questioning your professional ability. Why not ask your families or friends for help or just apply for a bank loan directly.


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