The Essentials You Should Know When Working In China


work in china


The rapid development of China's economy has attracted a large number of people who are considering finding a job in China from all over the world to come to work in China. 

Before coming to work in China, you have some basic considerations, such as employment opportunities, salary expectations, work visas, bank savings and travel in China.


You can find a job in different industries in China based on your major or previous work experience. General industries include computers, clothing design, and electronic engineering (and so on). But if you are still a rookie in the workplace, teaching English in China may be your best choice which will guarantee you a stable and high-paying job.



Even if everything goes well for your finding a job in China, like submitting your resume, interviewing, and successfully getting a job, you still have to go back to China and apply for your work visa if you do not have one. In China, a work visa (Z-VISA) is a document that all foreigners must have if they want to work legally in China, no matter what industry they are engaged in.

Tip: Don't get lucky when someone tells you that a tourist visa is enough, it is absolutely impossible.


Even if there are some "old school" methods that allow you to get a work visa, such as "Hong Kong run", which means you go to areas outside of mainland China (ie Hong Kong) to obtain a visa, I don't recommend that because it is not that easy to get like the old days, and it also no longer works in many places in China.

Although it may be cumbersome, it is the most effective and safest way to contact the company and obtain a working visa in advance.



Unlike many western countries, in addition to international holidays (such as the New Year), China also has holidays on important traditional festivals, such as Ching Ming (Sweeping) Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, Spring Festival, etc. which means you have more holidays for traveling. If you combine annual leave with daily leave, you may get a fairly long vacation to relax yourself. Enjoy your holidays!



With its rich tourism resources and well-developed transportation system, you can get to any Chinese city you want with an air ticket, high-speed rail ticket or train ticket (very cheap) which will not cost you a lot.

If you want to travel abroad, there are many countries next to China to choose from, such as popular countries (Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam). The point is that the cost of consumption in these countries is much lower than in the West counties, and you can have a good time while avoid the danger of running out of your savings.



China's rapid development has attracted thousands of people from different countries to work in China. In particular, if you are lucky enough to work in a multinational company/enterprise in China, you will feel that you are working in a small "United Nations" since your team may be composed of people with different cultural backgrounds. This will also improve your intercultural communication skills so that you will learn how to work and cooperate with people from different countries.

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