Why Is It Necessary to Get A TEFL Certification When Teaching English Abroad



When you start searching for " teaching English abroad" on the Internet, you will inevitably see the word "TEFL" on many web pages, so "What is a TEFL certificate?"

The full name of "TEFL" is "Teaching English as a Foreign Language", which according to the (UNESCO) standard, specializing in teaching learners English in non-English speaking countries.

Simply speaking, this is your ticket to your dream teaching job abroad.

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So why do you need a TEFL certificate?


1. It is a common requirement for most teaching jobs abroad.

In addition to a bachelor's degree (in any subject), the TEFL certificate is almost a necessary requirement for most ESL teacher positions at reputable school or language centers. Even if some recruitments do not explicitly list TEFL certification as a requirement, they usually write a sentence like this in the remarks "A TEFL certificate will be more preferred." You should be aware that the ESL job market is highly competitive and people having a TEFL Certificates will be more likely to stand out among a group of candidates.


2. It trains you on how to teach English to foreign students.

Teaching English to learners in non-English speaking countries is not an easy thing, even if you are a native English speaker. You often just know "That's right, and we all use like that." But you don't know how to explain to students, such as English grammar.

The purpose of TEFL teaching is: through TEFL intensive training, you can absorb and master the skills of English teaching in non-English speaking countries. Participants in the training will master effective teaching methods, further understand the relationship between teaching style and learning, and deeply understand the background knowledge of English as a second language teaching. All in all, you will get almost all what you need in an English class.


3. It helps to make your classroom under control

If you have never taught before, you are likely to be frightened by a classroom full of students. The point is that they may not speak English at all or understand you! Language barrier is a huge challenge for both teachers and students. The good news is that TEFL courses will train teachers in specific ways to deal with this situation and prepare them for the future classes. You will be more confident in teaching since you know how to achieve the teaching goals successfully. Everything is under control!


4. It helps you get your desired teaching job abroad

Some TEFL courses can be customized for the students participating in the training, which will customize the certificate according to the specific teaching location, teaching course and student type you choose, such as teaching adult business English in China, you will learn professional knowledge about business and effective methods for teaching Chinese adults so as to improve your teaching ability and make you more likely to find your ideal job.

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